Thursday, December 8, 2011

All I want for Christmas is a big car for my little boy

I've blogged about the silly stuff I want for Christmas over at Topaz Horizon. And I figured that I can buy myself a few items on that list, like the dress, the curling iron, or the nail polish. That should cost me around 4K thereabouts. But something happened this week that made me change my mind.

Vito discovered cars.

Vito knows about cars for a while now. He loves riding in his Papa's Zoom Zoom. He shrieks, "Cars!!!" every time we're on the road. He loves watching his Papa play Gran Turismo. He loves his Hot Wheels cars (that are supposed to be for 3-year-old kids). He loves cars!

But when we went to the supermarket one time and we put him in a toy car/cart, well, that just blew Vito's mind away.

He was soooo happy! He honked that horn. He said, "Vrrrrroooooooooom!!!" He wanted us to go faster. He kept turning the steering wheel, the key in the ignition. He. Loved. It.

So I've been staring at these for days now.

The Little Tikes Mobile is a kinda stroller, kinda car. I can push him around (the boy who hated strollers!), which is a relief since, with my burgeoning belly, I can't carry him around anymore. It's soooo cute! But it's P7,000! There's a deal at Deal Grocer right now--the mobile is now at P4,900. What do you think?!

Then there's this: The Cozy Coupe, also from Little Tikes. This one I'm really liking because it's very similar to the shopping cart car that Vito loved. This can also be pushed around. What makes this better than the Mobile is this can eventually be a real toy. Take out the floor of the car and Vito can push himself around with his feet a la Fred Flintstone! Now this coupe costs P7,999. Ouch. But, again, at Deal Grocer, there's a deal that offers it for just P4,999. That's P3,000 in savings! What do you think??!!

Sigh. Just so you know, I'm not the kind of mom who shops a lot for her kid. I haven't needed to! So many people give gifts and clothes to my son so I've spent the last year just getting him food and diapers. Recently, the shopping's been all about his shoes since Vito's feet grow so fast. Toys? He's happier with remote controls, paper bags and his Papa's gadgets. So I've never actually spent on him. Which is why my husband says we should pull out all the stops this Christmas and waste some money on our boy!

So which should is be? This isn't a sponsored post, by the way. Neither Little Tikes nor Deal Grocer is paying for this post (although I do believe they'll enjoy the mileage) so I hope they don't mind that I grabbed their photos. I'm definitely going to buy anyway, I just haven't decided on which, but I will buy. I have no choice really. I mean, just look at the rapture on my little boy's face!

What mother can resist that?


  1. Oh gosh, buy him na! His happiness after opening the gift would be priceless. Hubby and I also gave our son his first toy car on his birthday. He loved it so much! :)

    And what's it with boys and cars? I remember when our little couldn't sleep (he was a fuzzy baby) and we discovered that riding in the car lulls him to sleep. So even at 2am, hubby and I with the baby in tow and drive around. I kinda miss those days.

  2. my bet is the 2nd car! go for it -- sayang ang discount sa Deal Grocer!! i wanted the same car for my little boy 'cos whenever we're at the grocery, it's so hard to have him get off it and would cry when it's time to leave.

    i'm sure Vito will love this car! and yep, he & my son has the same passion at a very young age. he's got plenty of Hot Wheels, too. it's so cute when little boys say "cars!!".

  3. Ang cute ni Vito sa pictures...parang he really knows how to drive hehe!

  4. hello ms. Frances! you're boy is soooo mucho gwapo...grabe!!! hey, i believe that is it okay to buy the car for vito. if you could still go for those discounted ones then go for it... :))

  5. Cozy Coupe is way better than the little tykes. Buy him na. P3000 savings is a good buy. Plus, it's Christmas.

  6. Cute ni Vito! DW loves riding in those grocery carts too but we avoid those na because he does not want to get out of them after we're through shopping! meltdown talaga!

    I saw a dad in Trinoma recently using the little tikes mobile as his kid's stroller. As in whole day (we kept bumping into each other kasi) and the kid was so happy and quiet and he was just "driving away" :D

    The Deal Grocer offer is so tempting!! Little Tikes pa so halos indestructible yan and his new baby sibling will definitely get to enjoy the car too :D

    So yes, my vote is to go for it F! :D

  7. Gigil! That look! Forget the price, get it for him na if you can afford it! He'll only be this small once. And a child's look of wonder has no price tag :)

  8. The look on Vito's face is priceless! :)

    My suggestion is the Cozy Coupe. I think he'll be able to use it longer since you can take out the floor board. Based on the pictures you post of Vito, he seems to be a fast-growing kid, so he'll probably outgrow the Tikes Mobile easily.

  9. get the 2nd one,i think its safer and much more usable in the long run:)

  10. buy it! my cousin has that, he's 14 na and the little tikes car is still "buhay". sulit yan for sure!

    - apples and dumplings

  11. My 1 year 1 month old son, Javier, loved the Rustans Little Tikes (is it?) grocery cart! The first and only time he rode in it his expression was priceless! Go buy Vito one! Maybe he'll like the second one bec it's more similar to the grocery car nga. Plus, because it has a roof he won't be exposed too much from the rays of the sun :)

    How I wish I can buy Javier a Little Tikes toy car, too! Hoping Deal Grocer will have another offer next year :)

  12. Your son and i both like cars so I understand your predicament/excitement. I wanted to get the Power Wheels Lightning McQueen before. His dad was going to the US a few months ago so we thought of buying there na lang. Mas mura pa. But the great eBay-er in me saw a Radio Flyer Sport Coupe, binili ko na agad! Price listed was P3,500 but I haggled so I got it for P2,000 only! I paid and picked it up the next day. The car usually sells for 14K sa True Value so I knew it was really a good buy. Mahal lang talaga dito pero I think nasa 80 dollars lang sya sa US. Super good buy diba!

    I say go for a Radio Flyer, classic design. Order from the US na lang. The Little Tikes Car is okay too. Matibay. I just didn't plan on getting that one because expensive. :)

    I hope Vito gets his own car soon. :)

  13. 7k to 4k is a good deal na rin. Although for me, I went with the cheaper ones lang (1k) when my son was a toddler because I knew he would outgrow it fast.

  14. I understand how you feel about wanting to give something your son will really love! Sadly though, I have to report that a big car can take up space - that's the case for me, in our kid's room. My toddler loves that car, and my newborn son is in line to enjoy it too when he gets older, but truth be told, I had a difficult time finding a way to store/display it in a way that works, and I don't get to bring it out and use it as much as I had hoped. Good luck with your purchase!

  15. We got Laz an automated car. They have it in Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us. 7k rin but sulit. I get that the old-school ones give the kid more exercise, but we use the automated one in lieu of strollers sometimes (especially great when in High Street; Dada handles the remote control, so he gets a toy as well - they both have a blast), kid can use it until he's 5 (unless he's a really big kid) and best of all - lifetime warranty.


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