Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My little sprout in a Green Sproutlets outfit!

Vito attracts all kinds of good will. Just last week, his Tita Michelle of My Mom-Friday gave him this fabulous set of new clothes from Green Sproutlets:
Heed my wise words.
Green Sproutlets is an organic clothing line from the US of A. The fabric is made from either bamboo, soy, hemp or organic cotton. These are all biodegradable, soft-to-the-skin, durable products you and your babies will love.

I'm so cool and comfy!
I like the clothes for all those reasons but my number one reason? My Vito looks oh so adorable in them! Plus, he seems to like how comfy it is.

I like how it makes my cute little butt cuter!
Hollywood's most fashionable tots agree. Green Sproutlets has been spotted on Violet Affleck, the eldest daughter of movie stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Obviously, since I'm the editor of OK! magazine, the country's first and only Hollywood title, I love that my little star is wearing celebrity-approved clothes!

Ah, I love my Green Sproutlets outfit!

Thanks, Michelle! You're so nice to my Vito. You and Paola and Rone are such doting titas to my boy. God bless your beautiful souls!

For more information on Green Sproutlets, check their Facebook page.
If you want to shop for your little ones, check out Mothering Earthlings.


  1. Thrilled that Vito looks so comfy and cool in his set! Love his poses too! I'm so excited to share this, and hope other parents would like it too :)

  2. So i just noticed... may Tag pang nakasabit and Vito doesn't seem to mind! hahaha...
    Thanks again for sharing this and to your model Vito :)

  3. OMG!
    you have a budding model,frances!

    just look at his last pose!

    what an adorable boy!

  4. Michelle, medyo mahaba pa yung pants kasi it's for 18 months pa but the shirt is super kasya na =) Thank you!

  5. Thiamere, naku, model-modelan! Ang hirap nga pa-pose-in kasi lakad nang lakad everywhere. And he won't stay put in one place (with the nice background) so kita tuloy how gulo our house was LOL

  6. Ang cute ni Vito!!! Showbiz na ang anak mo Frances! Marunong magproject!

    I can't wait for Anika and Vito's playdate! =)


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