Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vito's list of spoken words at 16 months old says that while a 16-month-old can basically understand almost everything you say, he/she can only speak an average of seven words.

Well, that makes my boy a huge talker! Here are his spoken words:
  1. Mama
  2. Papa
  3. milk
  4. water
  5. kain (or, when he's really hungry, he says "kang!")
  6. more
  7. no more
  8. dede (that's his word for chest, breasts and nipples)
  9. buhok (hair or head)
  10. toes
  11. nose
  12. t*t* (yep, his penis!)
  13. baby
  14. bye-bye
  15. hi
  16. baba (go down)
  17. no
  18. oh no! (he says this when he drops something or he's upset)
  19. car
  20. taxi
  21. choo-choo (that's his word for train)
  22. ball
  23. catch (for when we play ball)
  24. shoes
  25. book
  26. toothbrush (he says it as too-bush)
  27. light
  28. tray (his booster chair has a removable tray)
  29. doggie
  30. Teeda (our rabbit Matilda, although when he sees rabbits on TV, he still calls them Teeda!)
  31. fish
  32. monkey
  33. cat 
  34. blue
  35. yellow
  36. two
  37. moon
  38. flower
The other night at bedtime, we were praying, Vito and I, and when I said "Amen," he said, "Amen!" But I think it was just mimicking so I won't include that in his list just yet.

He can also comprehend our speech so giving him directions is easy now. This makes parenting easy and hard at the same time. Easy because we can communicate; hard because we can tell when the little someone's deliberately being defiant and disobedient!

The jump in his speech development all happened in the last three weeks, when we had no yaya. It can't be a coincidence, right? Vince is really into reading to our boy, and massaging him while pointing out different body parts--activities they very much enjoy. I'm into pointing out everything in his environment.  Clearly, being with Mama and Papa is a huge stimulation to his developing brain.

My friend Earl is a full-time mommy and Sophia, her daughter who's just 3 weeks older than Vito, can speak in full sentences. As in, "I like this car" and "Thanks for cooking macaroni, Mommy." She's just 17 months old! This has definitely made Vince and me think more about spending quality time with Vito!


  1. Vito is such a big boy already... and he's so smart! Good job Topaz Mommy!

  2. Aww I never really listed the words my son said when he was a toddler. I just remember the extremely weird and funny ones such as "chapi" for thank you. To this day, I have no idea how that was thank you!

  3. Way to go, Vito!
    Flower is difficult word even for 3 year olds.
    Happy New Year, Frances!

  4. Hoo-ray for Vito! That's awesome progress for a 16-month old! Keep up the good work! He's a smart kid!

  5. Thanks, thanks! Imagine that--huge jump in his vocabulary when we spent more time with him! Now I'm mourning the 15 months that we didn't really spend time with him =(

  6. Madammisismommy, he says it like this: fa-LA-wo =D


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