Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black is slimming. Stripes make you look fat.

So say the style rules. But pregnancy, in its usual exasperating way, changed the rules yet again.

I looked like a stuffed sausage in black...
Zara shirt, Gingersnaps leggings, Anthology flats,
Kate Spade bag, Vita Fede gold-studded leather bangle,
plastic earrings from tiangge

... but I looked really cute in stripes!
Zara tee, Gingersnaps shorts, Anthology tweed flats.
Longchamp clutch, Vita Fede gold-studded leather bangle,
pearl necklace


Will post more pregnant pics soon!


  1. Oh, stop. You look great in both! :)

  2. I like the stripes! Cuter :) Ooh, and I knooww that black bag! <3

  3. I so love the stripes... this was when I meet with you at the mall right! I love your outfits, you look sexy even when pregnant.

  4. you look great in both outfits!

  5. Naks! You're all too kind. Thanks =D

  6. How cute :) I actually like the stripes better! (as if my opinion counts..just saying :))


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