Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How we spent our holidays

I have lots of photos and stories to share (like Vito's priceless reaction to his brand new car!) but it's been an extremely busy first week of 2012 so I have a ton of posts, half-baked but must be shared, which means I'll be talking about Christmas till summer!

Let me start by telling you how Vince, Vito and I spent the holidays. Well, it was very quiet--it was just the three of us. Or four of us, as Vince keeps correcting me, with a pointed look at my ever burgeoning pregnant belly. We had no yaya and maid, which was amazing. It felt like a honeymoon! So Vito's every day was just play and school and fun with Mama and Papa.

While we did the requisite rounds to the respective families, we mostly spent the last three weeks indoors and at the playground. This is how fun our days had been...

Morning playtime:

Afternoon school with Papa:

Bath time with Mama:

And I have Car Time, Eating Time, Baby TV Time, Vito's Cute Visitors, and Out of the House pics, too! But then this post is already too picture heavy!

It's been a blast! I think the last three weeks of December were the happiest (and most exhausting) weeks of my life!

But now there's a new yaya and life's gone back to dealing with strangers in the house, going back to work and real life. It's not that bad, though. Vince and I have adjusted our schedules to make sure we both have lots of face time with Vito still. In fact, the new yaya is so confused because she ends up just cleaning the house or sometimes doing nothing because Vince and I are so hands on!

So that's our parenting resolution: Be a present parent!

How was your holidays and what's your parenting resolution? Please share!


  1. wow! cuteness overload! Vito is so incredibly handsome. :) Hope to meet you soon!

  2. hi frances. discovered your blog from fleur and been following it for months. i can't help but leave a comment because vito is so kagigil. my favorite photo in this entry is the one with a toy car at the back of vito. kagigil!!

  3. cute ni Kuya Vito!!! hahaha! i especially like his photo na gigil dun sa bath time. hahaha! I do believe in QUALITY time with kid/s. Yun kasi yung nag-stuck sa mind nila. Even if it is a simple eat out the kids will definitely enjoy it. Kakaaliw si Kuya Vito. hahaha!

  4. Your baby is so cute!!! I want to pinch his cheeks and legs!

  5. Thanks! Thanks! More cutie photos of cutie Vito coming very soon!

  6. Vito looks like you! Congrats on having a yaya again, they're heaven-sent :)

  7. I have no parenting resolution because I'm not a parent but I love your parenting! Vito is adorable and I'm excited to see pics of Wiggle.

  8. vito is so cuuuuute!!! nakakagigil talaga :D

  9. vito so very cute... have been following your blog for the year already and vito's photos never fail to brighten up my day... have a i mentioned it to you that when i was pregnant last year... it is vito's pic that i look at almost everyday, siya ang pinag lihihan ko talaga! and now my Lucas is here and cute na sila pareho... thank you very much for sharing Vito with us =)

  10. Adorable pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)


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