Friday, January 13, 2012

It's a great time for the family to own a computer!

This post is brought to you by Microsoft.

Microsoft sent me materials for their new campaign, "It's a Great Time to be a Family," and I just have to agree with it. The computer age may be appreciated by people who work--oh the productivity! oh how easier my job is!--but really, a computer is one of the best inventions for the family.

In my house, there are two laptops, three phones that connect to the Internet, a tablet, and a game console that can be a word processor and connect to the Web, too. That's 7 devices. And how many people actually use these things? Three: me, Vince and Vito!

I don't think it's excessive. After all, almost every mobile device now is a family computer. There's no escaping it. My day starts and ends and is spent in front of the computer. That's because I'm a writer and an editor and I'm also a blogger.

But more than just for work, my computer has helped me as a mommy. When I first got pregnant, my blog was a source of comfort and friendship because so many people all over the world celebrated and commiserated with me through the trials and triumphs of pregnancy. Then when I became a mom and honestly did not know what on earth I was doing, the Internet came to my rescue with mommy forums and educational parenting websites.

For Vince, who is also a writer, the computer isn't also just a way for him to earn money for his family. It also allowed him to enhance the most beautiful photos of our child. We have thousands upon thousands of photos of our little boy. Everyone is always commenting on how professional and gorgeous Vito's pictures are. Well, thanks to our powerful computer, we have wonderful keepsakes of his childhood that we made all by ourselves!

For Vito, yes, he uses the computer, too! He loves watching videos of himself. He loves looking at our family photos. He watches his ABCs and nursery rhymes on the computer. Sometimes, he pretends he's like his parents and he'll "type" away. I'm guessing that it won't be long till he uses a computer to do this to us:
<a href=';vid=0d78d0a2-942f-4a0d-96a4-c94509df0092&amp;from=&amp;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Microsoft &#8220;Dog.ppt&#8221; TV Commercial' >Video: Microsoft &#8220;Dog.ppt&#8221; TV Commercial</a>

So my family just loves the computer! How does your family use the computer?


  1. We're a gadget-y couple, the boyfriend and I. I love that Microsoft campaign too, so true!


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