Monday, January 23, 2012

Vito's new car, Part 1

Exactly one month ago, Vito got a brand new car. And I'm only telling you about it now because it's such a loooong tale! This story is so epic, I have to break it down in parts! This part will be about how Vito was tormented by his Big Bad Mama who actually wasn't bad, just very worried that the expensive car will be unappreciated.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's the story:

Once upon a time, a little boy named Vito discovered cars. He was crazy about them. Absolutely bonkers. But no one could've predicted his reaction when he went to the supermarket one time and he saw a toy car that he could actually drive. That blew Vito's mind away!

So his Mama and Papa decided to buy him his very own toy car for Christmas. Mama Frances was very happy to find a great deal for a Little Tikes toy car in Deal Grocer (from 8K to 5K!). Papa Vince, always magnanimous, said, "Buy my son his car." But Mama Frances, always the cheapskate, said, "But it's sooo expensive! What if he doesn't play with it after a few days?"

So Mama Frances dragged Vito to a garage sale where there were used toy cars, just to see if Vito really did like toy cars and that joy at the supermarket one wasn't a fluke. Vito, quite predictably, went wild for a yellow battery-operated Hummer that could seat 2 kids. But since the Hummer owner was selling it for 8K (hello, used car for 8K!), Mama Frances said no. And poor Vito went home crying.

A few days later, Mama Frances dragged Papa Vince and Vito to a major toy chain to see how the little boy would react to the toy cars there. Secretly, she was hoping he'd go for a cheaper car. Papa Vince was very disapproving of Mama Frances's behavior but he went along with it (because he indulges his wife like that. Sometimes!).

Now, even after the Hummer episode, Vito didn't like the electric, battery-operated, remote-control cars. Whew! Good thing because those hideous contraptions were 10-15K each!

But he was very very very pleased with the Little Tikes car (even though the one in the toy store was very dirty. It was dusty and sticky with mysterious dried up liquids. Mama Frances didn't want Vito sitting in the car but, oh well, Vito had already climbed in!).

So, seeing how happy he was, Mama Frances and Papa Vince finally agreed that Vito should get the Little Tikes car from Deal Grocer. But when they tried to take their little boy home without the car, oh the heartbreak!

Oh no! Such a sad face! Will Vito ever find a happy ending? Will Vito ever get his very own toy car (hint: but of course!)? That's in the next post!


  1. Oh, the look on Vito's face. HEARTBREAKING.
    My boy Rocco is as fascinated with cars just like Vito.
    When we sit him on our laps while the car is not moving, he is sooo delighted. He could put on the wipers, lower down the volume of the stereo, etc.
    And, when it's time to drive, imagine the wailing!
    Boys and cars talaga... walang pinipiling age pala.
    Cheers Frances!


  2. poor boy! must be a nightmare for him every time he has to get off the car.

    i can totally relate to your post. my son had several meltdowns in the grocery when it's time to leave. good thing his Ninang bought him the Mini Cooper battery operated car which i brought all the way from MNL to DXB. so yeah, we saved lots of money and our son was immensely happy.

    looking forward to the Part 2 :)

  3. Awww, that face!

    I think I know that yellow Hummer that you saw. We saw a similar one in a mall, together with other bikes and cars. We were trying to check what bike size suited Matty best, until he saw the other cars and asked to ride them. I didn't want to say yes because I knew he wouldn't want to get out of it, but my sister told me to just let him sit. So I told him exactly that. The last car he rode in was the yellow Hummer, which was selling for over P10k, I think. (They were having a sale.) I had no plans of buying that, considering the price tag and the bulkiness, but poor boy cried when I carried him out of it! (Yes, he loves cars too. I think that's why he mostly loves going out, because he gets to ride around in a car. But just like his Mom, he hates heavy traffic.)

  4. hi frances! first time to comment here! my baby boy loves cars. i think it's it's one of his first words too. he'd also cry when it's time to leave tiny town play area where there are lots of tiny tikes cars. cute pa rin si vito kahit umiiyak!

  5. OMG Vito's face on the last photo!!! Makes you wanna buy that car, stat!

  6. Oh my goodness! That last photo is heartbreaking! I look forward to reading part 2. I'm sure there's a happy ending to the story. :)

  7. aaawww....naawa naman ako kay Vito. know what i believe lahat ng kids, whatever gender, pag may gusto grabe kung ipilit...can't wait for the next post mommy frances...

  8. My MIL was supposed to buy Anika the remote controlled big cars. I was praying Anika won't like it too coz they cost 10k diba?! Kaloka! Buti na lang, di niya din type haha!

    I can't wait for the part 2 of this story kasi ka-awa yung face ni Vito nung tinatanggal niyo na siya sa car!

    Vito has so many teeth na! Anika's older but has fewer teeth! Okay lang kaya yun? *worried*

  9. Ate France, its so heartwarming to see vito happy! I sure hope he finds his joy early in life so he can start the life destined for him... cars? expensive, but awesome career...

  10. Hi Frances!
    i just bought my 1 year old nephew the same Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car over at Amazon and had it shipped to their home address in California. Geez! I didnt know it cost that much here in the Philippines! I am a new mother of an 8 month old baby girl and when i bought the gift for my nephew, i said to myself, I hope i can find one here in the Philippines. Doble pala presyo at the 5k deal that you got. I paid 50 dollars with free shipping within US.

    1. Mahal talaga dito =( We even shop sa Amazon and other US/UK shops kasi even with shipping, it's still cheaper to buy from there! But of course, the Cozy Coupe is huge haha


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