Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where will Wiggle sleep?

I never thought I'd co-sleep with my baby. That is why I bought Vito a lovely crib that converts into a toddler bed. This was such a great find from Mothercare. It's simple and classic, larger than most cribs, doesn't have that dangerous drop-side feature, and grows with your baby. And it costs just P8,400! I love Mothercare!

Right now, however, that crib functions as a day bed for Vince and me (yes, it's very sturdy) and a dumping place for the ironing and extra pillows at night. Why? Because as soon as Vito arrived, I realized I had an easier time if he slept with us in our bed. Don't worry--the crib was useful! As an infant, Vito used it for naps (and it was so roomy, I climbed into it, too!), it was our changing table and bath counter, and his playpen since it's quite large. So no regrets even if Vito sleeps with us all the time now.

But there's a new little boy coming soon. And I want Wiggle to experience the co-sleeping benefits Vito had with me--the closeness, the warmth, the breastfeeding, the comfort.

For more benefits of co-sleeping with your baby, go to Dr. Sears. 

But if Wiggle stayed in the same bed as Vito... It's just not going to work since our sleeping Vito kicks and punches and moves about the bed like a breakdancer. A tiny infant and a super strong active toddler--even an asleep one!--just don't mix.

I guess this is when we train Vito to sleep in his toddler bed. But he likes it with us and we like it with him so what are we to do? Well, I figured I'd buy a Moses basket and put it by my side of the bed!

Mothercare is currently having a sale on their Moses baskets and Vince, Vito and I were at their spanking brand new Bonifacio High Street branch last week to see what choices were available. I'm really kinda in love with these:

It's called a Moses basket because of the Old Testament story of baby Moses being placed in a basket of reeds and then found by the Egyptian princess. So, s a Born-Again Christian, I love the Biblical reference!

Actually, I really like how cozy it looks. I can tell that Wiggle will feel snug as a bug in it. Vince likes that it's portable so we can bring the baby from room to room and to other houses. You see, Vito absolutely hated the stroller and baby carrier. We also didn't like those actually. So not stylish. But this basket is beyond adorable!

Methinks Wiggle can use it only for a few months, most definitely not when he can sit up. I don't mind. I can reuse the basket as a cute place for the kids' stuffed toys or for rolled up towels in the bath!

Now this is a swinging crib. It's just as narrow and snugly as the Moses basket. I like how it matches Vito's crib perfectly. I also like how I can reach through the slats and touch the baby when we're sleeping or look at him while I'm lying in bed--something I won't be able to do with the tightly woven basket. Oh, and it swings! So I can rock Wiggle to sleep. When Wiggle outgrows it, I can use it as the storage/display case for the boys' toys and books.

This baby bed is really cool. It attaches to the side of the bed so that there's absolutely nothing between the baby and me! Easy to comfort him, check on him, maybe even breastfeed him. Plus, this fabulous bedside cot eventually converts to a bench for the kids' room and a desk, too! How clever is that!

Which do you think I should get? I just can't decide!

*product photos from Mothercare website.


  1. Hey that baby crib is really nice. Will keep this in mind for my next child.

  2. Oh the baby crib definitely! That way Vito can still sleep between you and hubby on the bed while Wiggle still stays close to you. I did co-sleeping with my three kids. But there was a time we slept on a mattress on the floor so I could sleep between the two kids. When I got pregnant with number 3, both kids were old enough to sleep in their own bed.

  3. the last one!! coz it would really make you feel that ur sleeping beside ur baby:)

  4. I love the last one! It's perfect because when he's a little bit older and starts to turn over, then you can attach it to your side of the bed. Cool! :)

  5. the beds are all so cute... our crib was a hand me down... pang 11th baby na si Lucas to use it =)

  6. That last one is so cool, since it encourages co-sleeping. Multi-function furniture wins hands-down for me, kase I live in an apartment, too. Reminds me of the Stokke crib.
    We had a chic bassinet for Vito, too. He only used it for two months because he got super long and fat, and he wouldn't fit in it anymore.

  7. the moses basket is so nice. but if i were to choose, i'd go for the last crib! it would be easy for you when you breastfeed wiggle :)

  8. the bedside cot is great! All four of you sleeping together, and Wiggle is safe in his little bed.

  9. I would go for a bigger family bed. I have a feeling you will all end up sleeping on it.

  10. hi Frances! I love the bedside cot too! :) and I agree it would be a lovely bench for kids when Wiggle outgrows it :) *hugs to Vito and Wiggle :)

  11. Thanks for all the feedback, ladies!

    Unfortunately, the last option is not available here in the country. That wonderful bedside cot that converts into a standalone crib, bench and desk is GBP 299 or P20,000. That's actually okay but since it's not available here (and it just got sold out on the Mothercare UK site), I'll have to bid that one adieu!

    Vince thinks the swinging crib is redundant since we already have a crib. So Moses basket it is! Like I mentioned, Vince likes that it's portable =)

  12. Pwede rin yata ako magpagawa ng ganun, no? =D Let me ask the carpenter. If it will cost just the same, hehe, Moses basket na lang!

  13. Actually, you can ask Mothercare and they can order it for you. :) We got a cot from them over 4 years ago, before Matthew was born. I didn't like the colors that were left, so we chose one from their product catalogue. They ordered it from UK (since I presume they have products shipped her regularly for inventory) at no extra cost. :)

  14. My vote is for the bedside cot! Although I have never used any of these products before (all my 3 kids co-sleep with me in the first 6 months of their lives, at least, before we move them to the crib), so I'm unsure of each one's functionality and practicality. However, the bedside cot would probably be my choice :)

  15. hi mommy frances, we also co-sleep with our baby. it was admittedly a challenge because he is also very malikot, and I can't sleep well at all when he stirs. but I was able to find a perfect set up just recently, i think it might work for you with baby #2. we bought this crib for only 6.8k at the grand baby fair (bargain!!). I still get to co-sleep with my baby and at the same time he gets to have his own space and mommy and daddy also gets to maintain their own space. I'm happy i get to cuddle with my husband and laugh and not wake him up at night. Also, he gets used to sleeping on his own bed, when he is a big boy I plan to transfer this crib (by then it'll be a toddler bed) into his own room. I think with this set up you can have wiggles with you on the bed and still have vito there with you on his own space. :)

    here is the pic of our set up: http://imageshack.us/f/85/dscn2801j.jpg/


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