Monday, February 13, 2012

Pregnant pics at 6 months

Happy Monday, everyone!

On Friday, I'll be on the 27th week of my pregnancy with wee Wiggle. That means I'll be 7 months along, which means in a few weeks, I'll be cradling a little baby again! Vince and I are so impatient and excited. Vito, not so much.

The pregnancy is going along extremely well, which is a relief and a joy considering how awful and tenuous it had seemed for the first 4 months. That's why I wasn't as open about this pregnancy as I had been when I was pregnant with Vito. But now we're entering the third trimester and it's all excitement and anticipation from hereon.

And fashion! Here's photos of my preggy body in the glorious 6th month!
SM Dept Store dress,
Kenneth Cole suede and satin heels

Gingersnaps dress, Anthology tweed flats,
Kate Spade tote
Gingersnaps dress, Longchamp clutch,
handmade multimedia necklace,
Anthology tweed flats

This belly bump is waaaaay bigger than my Vito bump. I was this big at 8 months' preggo back then! Now, at only 6 months, I'm huge. I can't imagine my 9th month. Scary!

I'll post more outfits soon! Meanwhile, have a lovely and stylish week, my dearest readers!

P.S. Stay tuned! I'll be hosting a fab giveaway sometime today!!!


  1. ganda! who says that pregnant women couldn't look that fab.

  2. Hi Frances! :) You look so fresh and gorgeous! :) Keep those outfit posts coming!:) xoxo

  3. Thanks! And while I'd love to say I'm naturally like this, I'm NOT!

    On any given day, I'm so ugly haha. I have to make a HUGE EFFORT because if I don't, people gleefully say, "You really are having a boy. You're so ugly!" Grrr.

  4. i love your dresses! what a chic (preggy) chick!

    gotta check out Gingersnaps for some nice outfits now that i'm on my 7th month and can't it into most of my regular clothes anymore. btw, do you know that Gingersnaps have 2 branches here in Dubai? ain't that awesome? :)

  5. You look fabulous! In the shots of you in a blue dress, Vito looks so much like you.

  6. Thanks, Rone!!!

    Thanks, Gracie! That's great that you can buy Gingersnaps there =)


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