Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super loving Early Learning Centre!

Nope, Early Learning Centre is not a preschool. I thought it was that's why last Saturday, I dragged Vince and Vito to check out the newly opened ELC at Bonifacio High Street.

We actually have no plans on sending Vito to preschool since he's only 18 months old, and his weekday afternoons are already spent at Papa Preschool (Vince is the best teacher ever!) anyway. But when I picked up a flyer from my last shopping trip to Mothercare about how ELC is opening soon, well, I just had to take a look.

Well, folks, it isn't a preschool alright. It's a toy store! And we LOVE it!

ELC is the UK's top toy shop. The reason why its name calls to mind educational institutions is because the brand believes that play is all about learning. So they made toys that are sure to stimulate young minds, make them tinker and explore, broaden their imagination, encourage creativity, develop motor skills and just make learning fun.

Nope, I didn't get that from a press kit. This isn't a press release! Vince and I really spent time going around ELC and playing with studying everything!

Plus, I ran into my friend Mariel Bartolome of Mothercare, another British brand for moms and kids, so she knows a lot about kiddie things. She was there with her family, too (that's her daughter Ielly), and she told me all about ELC's play philosophy.
Ayaw ngumiti ng mga anak namin!
As you can see from the photos we took below, instead of toys being grouped together by brand (Disney, Sesame Street, etc), the toys are grouped by the skills and interests you want to enhance in your child:

Well, except for the toys that are for the wee ones. We noticed that the littlest kids had a shelf all for themselves:

We were absolutely charmed with the toys. They're so very... British! The attention to detail, the simple boxes that announce what the toy is for and what age it's suited for, the durability, the quality, the child-friendliness.

I also like that the toys that talked or sang had a British accent! Maybe Vito will have a British accent, too! Har de har har! Vince, meanwhile, was especially enamored by these aliens and robots:

But since we were there for Vito, Vince picked out a--what else?--a really cool car for our boy. It's a pull-back car that's big enough for small hands to grasp, goes just fast enough to encourage running, is visually stimulating and super sturdy. Vito loves it!

It's also designed in such a way that even if it bumps into table legs and chair legs, the car won't damage your furniture. Whew! Vince and I love it!

Another thing we liked? The price! That really cool car is just P800 thereabouts. There were tons of stuff at Early Learning Centre that was super delightful and reasonably priced. So we'll definitely go back for more toys!

P.S. You know where to shop now for Vito and Wiggle!


  1. ay, we so love ELC! i hope they're giving out catalogues there. we keep one in the car so we can drool over the pictures ng toys 'pag traffic :) their toys are super sturdy and walang rough edges or corners so really safe for the kids.

  2. Hello there mommytopaz! Nice blog. I love that store btw =) I often shop sa greenbelt branch nila. I've never been to there taguig branch... I should go this weekend hehe. Your little boy is so gwapo.

  3. Epicurean Mommy, I think you mean Mothercare? The ELC shop in High Street is the only branch. It just opened last month.


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