Monday, February 6, 2012

Surprise! A baby shower for Wiggle!

I'll get to Part 2 of Vito's epic brand new car story in a bit (Part 1 here!). It's just such a super picture-heavy post that I can't get around to doing it! But I will, I will. Promise!

Anyway, last Friday, my mommy neighbors threw a surprise baby shower for Wiggle! I was really... surprised! I thought it was just one of our regular get-togethers so I was wondering why there were balloons taped to Dada's door, and baby bibs and socks hanging on her wall, and everyone was wearing blue. Even when they told me it was a baby shower, it didn't occur to me what was happening! Yes, I can be rather obtuse sometimes!

The shower was for me and Maan, who's also expecting her second baby boy. It was such a fun afternoon of games, gifts and gossip! If I had only known, I'd have brought my camera! Here are some snaps that I grabbed from Dada's Facebook album of that lovely little party:
That's (from left) Dada, Cathee, Claire, Earl and Fatty =)
Here's Fatty with her mouth stuffed! I am always eating now!
We had tacos, cupcakes, cookies, spicy tuna pan de sal
(my special recipe!) and ensaymada
Dada prepared tons of quizzes and games! 
The quizzes were hard. From nursery rhymes to Hollywood stars!
See? Serious.
Maan and I pose with our gifts.
Pretty mommies all in a row.

Dearest Claire, Earl, Dada, Cathee and Tricia, thank you for the baby shower for me and Maan! You ladies are the best neighbors and friends any new mommy can ask for. Thanks also for loving my Vito, for watching over him and feeding him, and allowing your children to have a friendship with my son. I really don't know how I'd do this whole overwhelming motherhood/homemaker/working mother thing without you! God bless you!

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  1. What Fatty are you talking about??? You look amazing! And that look on you when you finished just looks like pure unadulterated joy! :)


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