Monday, February 13, 2012

Topaz Mommy's Happy Valentine's Day promo: WIN What To Expect books!

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When I got pregnant in 2009, I immediately bought a What To Expect starter set. I call it a starter set because it included What To Expect When You're Expecting and What To Expect The First Year. I just love Heidi Murkoff's comprehensive and easy-to-read books! Definitely what a first-time mom needs. And even now that I'm pregnant again, I still use WTE: When You're Expecting as a reference.

So I was beyond delighted when contacted me late last year and said they wanted to partner with Topaz Mommy. Okay, I wasn't just "beyond delighted," I was literally screaming my head off in excitement!

What To Expect found me!
What To Expect thinks my mommy blog is great!
What To Expect wants to partner with me!

I am thrilled to pieces!

They sent me these fabulous books: When You're Expecting, The First Year and The Second Year. They wanted me to give them away to my readers. Woah! So, ladies, is this your lucky day or what?

One winner gets When You're Expecting.

One winner gets The First Year.

One winner gets The Second Year.

And one grand winner gets all three books!


Here's how to join:

1. Like my Facebook page.

2. Post a photo of yourself on my page's wall.
- If you post a preggy pic, you get a chance to win When You're Expecting OR The First Year.
- If you post a pic with a baby less than a year old, you get a chance to win The First Year.
- If you post a pic with a child more than a year old, you get a chance to win The Second Year.
- All photos get a chance to win the grand prize!

3. Say how many months you're along/how old is your kid in the photo with you

4. Tag three (3) mommy friends.

5. You don't have to post more than one photo. Seriously. One will do!

Oh, and giveaway is only for those with a Philippine address. Apologies to my lovely readers abroad!

That's it! Contest ends on February 25. That's 12 days from now. No reason really. I just thought 12 is a nice number. Was hoping to do this giveaway last Christmas, then as a New Year's thing but... too busy, too busy.  So let it be my Valentine's Day gift to you, mommies! Mwah!


  1. What a lovely giveaway :) I want to win for my sister. Is it ok if I join? :D Thanks :D

  2. wow! awesome!! :)

    i have all of the WTE books, which are my bedside table staples. goodluck to all the Moms joining your give-away :)

  3. I love the What To Expect series. Did you hear? They're making a movie (coming this May).

  4. Mizi, sure. But you'll have to post a photo of your sister! =)

    Mommy G, yep, I know about the movie. Kinda my job to know what Hollywood movies are coming out! =P

  5. Lovely books! I want to win one. I have a pre-schooler and still want to be guided by some of the tips written on it. Also, planning to conceive this year. Those lovely books would be a great help :)

  6. Oo nga pala, I just got excited when I watched the trailer! :P Looks funny.

  7. I have the when you're expecting books already but I want to win for my Ate. Hers was lent to someone and has not been returned yet. :) I will join soon. :)


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