Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Topaz Mommy wore to a glam evening out

Maternity style post! This is not a maternity dress, though. I found it in Tint, Power Plant. It's a flowy, silk jersey gown with a keyhole neckline held together by a single gold button. Very sexy. Then there's that slit. Love it! I used a shu uemura makeup bag for my evening clutch. For accessories, just my favorite bangles from a tiangge and Vita Fede. Shoes are suede peep-toes I bought on eBay.

I'm almost 7 months pregnant here. Where is here? It's here!

P.S. I've been enjoying the entries to my What to Expect book giveaway (if you haven't joined, join now!). Vince and I also went to the hospital today for a 4D view of Wiggle and, boy oh boy, is our new baby handsome! More on that in next post!


  1. You look absolutely wonderful :) I like seeing other women pull off red since I never thought it looked good on me. Great find by the way.

  2. I only started wearing red recently! I have 2 red dresses. This was the second one and I just bought it last month so I totally understand what you mean about the fear it won't look good. But try it! You never know!

  3. Hi Frances! You look so radiant :) The color and style suits you :)


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