Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where I work (well, kinda sorta)

This is my lovely escritoire from Prizmic & Brill:

This photo is from the Real Living magazine feature a few years back. Many things have changed in our home--lots of new stuff!--but this writing desk will be mine till I'm old and gray. It's such a lovely piece. And it was Vince's Christmas gift to me in 2008. One of the best gifts he's ever given me!

Here is my now super messy desk with another (even more) amazing gift from Vince:

That little boy is always grabbing stuff from my desk! So my desk is messier than ever since I have to keep piling papers and things higher and farther from his reach. Which then makes it harder to work since my laptop is buried under so much stuff that I get lazy to do anything!

How about you, mommy blogger? Where do you blog?


  1. Ako I blog away from anika haha.

    If she sees me using my laptop, hay naku, she will grab it so that she can watch barney or mickey mouse or para lang mag"type-type" =)

  2. My husband and I take turns 'working'. So in the afternoon I get to blog in our 'office' at home while he takes care of Jacob. I simply can't concentrate with my little cutie blabbing around me. I get tempted to take breaks to spend time with him.

    Most of the time I work on my desktop computer. Pag on-duty with Jacob, I take out the laptop and work in our bedroom.

    I love your desk! :D

  3. good for you that you have your own work space! I just blog here in our dining area. our dining table is indeed multi-purpose hahaha. I don't have the luxury of space here in our pad! :)

    love your escritoire! was gonna get one, customized in white/cream, but later on opted to defer the purchase. i have no space to place it! someday soon...


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