Thursday, March 22, 2012

32 weeks pregnant!

Hello! Hello! My goodness, I may not have been blogging but I have been so very busy with this mommy blog. I've been getting so many requests from mompreneurs to sponsor giveaways and to post product features that I've been answering emails all the time and completely forgetting to blog. I thought that if I did a giveaway every 2 weeks, it would make my readers happy, but now I'm thinking this might be backfiring on me. Why? This blog is beginning to look like a contest/promo blog and not a mommy blog!

Oh, I just want to give back to my readers, ya know? So many of you are so kind to me and my family. Especially when I was still pregnant with Vito--I was getting gifts practically every week from strangers! I'm still getting gifts now from my readers and I'm really moved by your love for my family. Thank you!

Well, I'll just give you an update of my pregnancy. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow, Friday. I'm 137 lbs. These are my most recent photos, taken by my blurry Blackberry camera, but I was 30 weeks pregnant here:
This was from our staff shoot.
Loving my Kate Middleton waves!
Here's a photo of when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Vito:
I was reading that 33-weeks-pregnant post and found it both sad and funny that I had all these plans to go to the derma for my face, beauty center for laser and whitening treatments, and the gym to get trim again. Well, as soon as Vito popped out, I just had no time. And even if I did, I'd rather adore him!

So with Wiggle, I do have plans to beautify after I give birth but I also think that a toddler and a newborn will keep me very very busy! So if I start posting photos after May, then June, July to December of myself looking terrible, you know why!

I know I haven't really talked about my second pregnancy. I've been hoping to be more sharing but I still find myself wanting to keep Wiggle all to myself. But here's a little bit about my second boy:

  • His 4D ultrasound showed that he's just as adorable as Vito (they look alike!) but his face is sweeter, his lips fuller. 
  • He's still quite the wiggly baby but he's not as strong a kicker as Vito had been in my tummy. Wiggle moves in gentle waves. Vince calls Wiggle a mellow baby.
  • Wiggle likes to settle on the left side of my tummy so I always lie down on my left. But when he's active, he likes to "attack" my right side, just under the ribs. 
  • We already have a name for him but, as with Vito, we want to meet him first and see if the name fits.

One more thing, my arms are aching to hold my Wiggle! When I see infants or hear a crying baby, my arms tingle. Is that weird? So I just wrap my arms around my belly and tell my little boy that Mama and Papa can't wait to see him and hug him and kiss him and love him.

Well, eight more weeks! We can't wait!


  1. You're almost due na. Have a safe birthing experience and I do look forward to posting your babies pics once the baby is out - if and when you have time.

  2. Wow! Another baby boy! can't wait to know his name. :-)

  3. Wow, time flies! Did you bring Vito during the 4d ultrasound? I'm sure Vito is excited for his new playmate.

    It's my 26th week and I can't wait to meet my little princess, too! But a little worried how I'll manage attention-giving between a newborn and a feisty toddler :)

  4. You look great!

  5. Mommy Frances I so envy you!! You look oh-so-pretty!!! Im on my 30th week now with my 3rd princess, I look and feel bloated all over and I have never been attacked by nasty aches until this pregnancy! Arg! (sorry for that, just pure envy really!!) Can't wait to meet Wiggle! Am sure he's as cute and adorable as Kuya Vito!

  6. Glaiza, I can't wait either! We really don't have a name yet!!!

  7. Yummy Mummy, congratulations! Nope, we didn't bring him though we planned to. We're glad we didn't, though. Wiggle was in full hiding mode so it took almost an hour before Wiggle showed his face. And very briefly too!

    And, sigh, about the juggling time between toddler and newborn? My sentiments exactly =(

  8. Marie and World, thanks!

    World, I only post photos of myself looking good. And as you can probably tell with how few those photos are, that means I'm ugly most of the time!!!

  9. Anne, I'm sure my husband will post photos asap! He did that with Vito!

  10. you still look so gorgeous at 30 weeks.

    I envy you. When I was pregnant, I was ugly...big nose and dark skin all over...but it's ok. I have a beautiful baby. :-)

    take care and be safe!

  11. Congratulations Frances ! A few weeks from now and the long wait is over . I am confident that you will do well in adjusting taking care of two kids.

  12. You look great! I love the Kate Middleton waves. What's the secret? Do share! :)


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