Sunday, March 11, 2012

Because Mama took away the makeup brushes

Vito is still not over his strange habit of cleaning his cars. And since I rescued my brushes from him (but I still think I need to buy new brushes), he's resorted to his hairbrush:

That's a baby brush from The Body Shop. Because Vito's hair is so fine (like mine!), we still use it on him. All of his playmates have thick lush hair. My darling baby boy has been blessed with every amazing gift--except hair!

P.S. What's the best makeup brush? How many do I need anyway?

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  1. omg, thanks for sharing this! it's so cute and funny to see more of gwapo Vito-brushes saga! :)

    the last pic's my fave!

  2. ANG CUUUUUUUUUTE! Especially the last photo!!!

    As for a brush, I am a loyalist of Charm brushes but MAC seems to be the best (and quite pricey, too) hehe. :)

  3. Can Vito be more adorable?! An OC baby he is! As for make up brushes I used to own a set from The Body Shop (the mini one) but I've discovered EcoTools & had a friend buy it for me in the States, it's cheap & eco-friendly plus the brushes are soft too! :)

  4. Oh my goodness that is just too adorable! Look at him so intent on his task!!

  5. How cute that he's cleaning his cars. He might grow up OC haha, at least when it comes to cars.

  6. sobrang cute talaga si Vito, cant wait to see wiggle too, sigurado he will just be like kuya vito

  7. Vito's so kakagigil! Kakaaliw his cute hands while holding the brush and car. :) In the last picture, labas dila pa. :P

  8. Wee I can comment na!!!

    Oh how cute Vito Sales is (magkamag-anak kaya tayo?)! Mommy, he really deserves the car if that's how much he takes care of it! Where'd he learn it, by the way? :)


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