Sunday, March 18, 2012

Belly Buds for you, pregnant mama! (Oh, yes, it's another giveaway!)

This post is brought to you by Belly Buds from Hatch & Latch.


I am super loving the lovely nursing tops (hooray for fashionable breastfeeding!) and a fantastic multi-way dress I recently got from Hatch & Latch, a fab online shop for mommies and babies. But I'll talk about the clothes in another post. Today, I'll tell you all about how Hatch & Latch wants to give one lucky Topaz Mommy reader a Belly Buds unit!
What is Belly Buds? It's a set of speakers made especially for your growing baby while he's still in your womb. You attach the specially designed speakers to your tummy and play music for your baby or play pre-recorded messages from your hubby or the grandparents so that your baby gets familiarized with your loved ones' voices even before he's born.

Turn, baby, turn!
When I was pregnant with Vito, and even now with Wiggle, I didn't play any music to my preggy belly. Mostly because I'm not a fan of ambient music really, unless I'm alone. You see, I kinda have a hard time hearing things so if I'm talking with someone, I can't have music playing. So I only have music on when I'm alone. And I'm never alone apparently!

However, when I was about 8 months pregnant with Vito and he was still in a breech position, someone suggested I play music down there--ya know, near the opening!--so that Vito's head will follow the music. So I got the iPad or my phone, placed it somewhere between my legs and played music. Sure enough, Vito turned! So that's another use for the Belly Buds and without the inconvenience of having a gadget between your legs! If your baby is still in a breech position, just stick the speaker pads onto your lower abdomen and press play.

Long-distance love from Papa 
With both my pregnancies, I had the benefit of having Vince close by at nearly all times (I'm never alone, remember?). He'd talk to my burgeoning belly. Vito always responded to Vince's voice. If Vito, back then known as Jelly Bean, hadn't moved in hours, all we need to do is get Vince talking to my tummy and Jelly Bean would start kicking like crazy! Now that he's out and about, Vito's very close to his Papa.

So I feel for those mommies whose hubbies are OFWs or seamen or work a shift that takes them from their wives' side. But that's where Belly Buds come in. Belly Buds has a free online recording service called VoiceShare--just let your husband record himself talking to your baby, singing lullabies, telling your baby all about his job and why he's far away but that he loves both of you super duper. Then play that precious recording to your tummy! What a gift!

Smile for the 4D, baby!
Some ultrasound clinics I've visited before use bells to "wake up" a baby that they're scanning. That actually annoyed me when I was having my scans done. It was so noisy! And I was thinking, "You're making that baby unhappy with that abominable racket!" But the technicians and nurses tell me the noise works--the baby does turn towards the sound. Interesting.

Well, I wish I had Belly Buds whenever we had Wiggle scanned! With Vito, well, he always seemed to sense where the camera is (if you've been reading my blog long enough, this won't surprise you) so his prenatal scans were never a problem. But Wiggle, oh Wiggle! I mentioned on this blog somewhere that Wiggle seems to not want publicity, right? Well, whenever we went for an ultrasound, he always turned away. His 4D last month was quite frustrating since he kept turning his back on us. But after almost an hour, he finally did give us a glimpse and we saw a baby that looked just like Vito! Imagine if we had Belly Buds!

You can also record your own voice--maybe reading stories or singing lullabies--so that you can let your little one listen to you even while you're napping. If Lolo and Lola are far away, get them to tell stories, too. There are a lot of uses for these little speakers and if you're preggy just like me, here's your chance to win your very own set of Belly Buds!

Just LIKE the Facebook page of Hatch & Latch! Soooo easy! And to make sure we know you liked it, leave a comment below with your Facebook name. That's it!

The winner will be chosen randomly. I'll announce the lucky mommy's name 10 days from now (that's March 27). Good luck! I hear preggy mommies are lucky. We'll see who's the luckiest preggy mommy of all!

*all images from Hatch & Latch's Facebook page


  1. ★The tiny bud inside my tummy would love a set of Belly Buds so she won't be lonely. :)★

    Facebook Name: Pearl Dynyn Abaloyan-Pedrera

  2. hi! liked hatch & latch fb page already. :)i'm maricar "MC" delos santos- santos, 24 weeks pregnant. :) & owning a belly bud is on my wish list. :) i really hope i could win. :)

  3. Since the day I learned that I am pregnant I started listening to music.I'm 27 weeks and my little Petunia likes classical music and makes tampo (doesn't move much) if we missed a day of not listening.
    fb name:Cheri Sambo-Pena

  4. Liked Hatch & Latch's FB page ;) would like to win this for our 31-week Ellie.

    Vanessa Palad-Salosagcol

  5. Michelle C. ParciaMarch 19, 2012 at 5:42 AM


    i love and like belly buds for my twins.

    fb name- Michelle Chua-Parcia

  6. Like this!! My JC likes rock music, dont know why but she is kicking non stop whenever she listens to it via my headset :)
    FB: Emjaye Santillan Otero

  7. facebook name: Cherry Tan

    The first thing my sister got me when I told her I was pregnant were the smart baby cds. This would be a perfect way to tune the little bean in. :)

  8. Liked Hatched and Latched's FB. Their Mother's Milk Plus helped me alot when I was breastfeeding Y! Now I want these Belly Buds!!!

    FB: Whixion Art

  9. Hello !! surely my baby boy (inside me) will love to have this bellybuds..soo cool!!thanks!

    FB Name: Rovic Pineda

  10. I have to have this! This is one great way to communicate with my growing baby inside my tummy! FB name: gynne leang-lim

  11. liked hatch and latch on FB. hope i'll win :)

    fb name- Racquel Marie Lim-Pagunsan

  12. I'm not pregnant but I'm joining this contest for my cousin who is. I'm pretty sure she'll put the Belly Buds to good use. =)

  13. I just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant! And I'm gonna have you, bellybuds!

    FB Name: Maiezl Grace Magtira-Ramos

  14. Now I wish I was pregnant again... :p

  15. Tintin R. Sta. MariaMarch 20, 2012 at 9:41 PM

    we're planning for our 2nd pregnancy and i would really love to have this for our future 2nd baby.

    FB: Tintin Roxas-Sta. Maria

  16. Hi Frances, liked the page already. I am 16 weeks pregnant and would love this for my little one.

    Facebook name: Amina Lim

  17. I would love to have the Belly Buds for my little princess! 

    FB name: Jhence Loresto-Cruz

  18. Hi! I liked the page too. I'm 19 wks pregnant.

    FB name is - Ella Marie C. Evangelista -Martelino.

    Hope to win! Thanks!

  19. Jessica G. SanchezMarch 21, 2012 at 8:31 AM

    Hi Frances. I've been a silent lurker of your blog and has been looking forward to your blog updates that entertain me and help me learn new things. What a delight to see Hatch & Latch Belly Buds giveaway when I'm 5months pregnant with my 3rd child. My prenatal last month I was told that my baby is still breech but its still okay as the baby still has a lot of time to turn. I would love to get this Belly Buds to help the baby to position.

    I like the Hatch & Latch page already
    FB name: Jessica Gindang Sanchez

  20. done liking the page. :D

    Gessa Marie Bartolaba Condino

  21. Hi Frances.

    Been a silent lurker of your blog and this Belly Buds giveaway is a sure way to break my silence. I`m 5months pregnant and would really really love to have this giveaway and help my baby turn into position.

    Already Liked the Hatch & Latch FB
    FB Name: Jessica Gindang Sanchez

  22. Wow!This is an amazing innovation and I exactly need this.I am 6 months now and my baby is in breech position.

    Facebook name: flordeliza dy-rivo

  23. Liked the Hatch and Latch FB fan page am on my 30th week hope to win :) good luck everyone

  24. Done liking!

    Facebook name: Lovely Rose Dela Cruz :)

  25. These would be great for our Lee Kum Kee :D i'm 29 wks with my first ;-) we're having a dragon boy! Crossing my fingers!!!! :D

    FB Name: Erica Batac-Chua

  26. like and shared. Hope to win. 389 weeks pregnant.

  27. my little sweet-pea would love to have those belly buds.

    FB name: Airee Katherine O. Lamanilao

  28. LadyLou Nacua SamonteMarch 21, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    Done! My tummy will be on its 4th month this April. Hope I win. :)

    FB Name: LadyLou Nacua Samonte

  29. Liked it Hatch and latch. I really want belly buds, im 26 weeks pregnant.
    fb: kareen cabanlet of cdo. Thank you

  30. wow this is such an awesome giveaway..I hope my baby boy wins..hehe!

    Liked the page already!
    Jeng Yumang Yu

  31. Belly Buds are awesome! It's just love..
    FB Name: Rika Pestano Atendido

  32. Daniel Kaity Mercado (:

    So cute! I wanna win this for my very close friend! She's pregnant with twins!(:

  33. I'm 28weeks pregnant and my husband is an OFW, I want my baby to hear his daday's voice using the belly buds so that she won't miss his daday like her mamay do :(

    Thanks in advance and more powers to you!

    FB name: Jenniber Paguio Maddara

  34. liked and share hope to win! im 5 weeks pregnant for my second baby! :))
    FB Name: Jhuizza Faye Polangcos-Bentic

  35. wow it's so cute and functional. I wanna win this for my pregnant sis.. :)

  36. Camille A. CalimonMarch 23, 2012 at 5:03 PM

    i'd love to win this. I'm about 8 weeks pregnant with our second child. -Camille Abello-Calimon

  37. would love to win!
    liked Hatch and Latch FB page.
    FB Name: Ayeth S. Cruz

  38. Hi Frances. I first came across your blog April last year when I googled Dra. Singson's name and have been a reader ever since. I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby so I've been going to stores looking for baby stuff. I saw Belly Buds at Baby & Beyond a couple of weeks ago. I would be absolutely thrilled to win one! Everybody loves a freebie. LOL :)

    FB name: Ciara Lopez-Galang

  39. Would love to own these!

    Aubrey Dela Cruz Bartolome

  40. I hope I'm not too late to join the contest! You are just one week ahead of me and I also had SCH but thank God it's gone. I just hope baby would be in head position since the last ultrasound I had (25 weeks), she was in breech position and just found out I have a low lying placenta. I will also have a baby girl again - like you, another baby boy! I hope this little gadget(?) will make my delivery easy. Thank you and good luck to us all pregnant
    ladies! Fb name: Mac-Mac Delgado-chica

  41. who won? :)


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