Friday, March 30, 2012

My dream bedroom for my growing family

I'm lucky enough to live in an old condo. By old, I mean it was built in the '90s. That means it's quite roomy--spacious hallways, big rooms, big kitchen. I love it! Right now, however, it's starting to feel really cramped because we have a little boy lording it over our 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom home. In just 6 weeks, it'll be two little boys!

So a few months ago, Vince and I went house hunting with Vito. We saw a few townhouses that looked great but they just didn't offer the convenience of our current apartment, which is really 5-10 minutes from everything. That's a huge plus for me--even though I'm a full-time working mom, I can always just pop in and see my family anytime throughout the day so I feel like a housewife, too! Best of both worlds really.

The most practical solution is to stay where we are now and maybe move when the boys start going to school. Since that's years from now, we'll just keep our second bedroom the way it is (playroom and Vince's study) and convert our master's bedroom into a family-friendly space that everyone--boys and one gorgeous girl haha--will enjoy!

That's why I joined the Ethan Allen design challenge. All I had to do was design a room around an Ethan Allen piece and, if the judges like what I did, I get to bring home a beautiful bed!

I've talked about the whole contest here and here. And here are a few more behind-the-scenes photos:
Fixing the hood of the Moses basket Wiggle will sleep in.
I brought my own steamer so I can steam out the creases.
Yes, kinareer ko talaga siya! So sana ako manalo!
Vince framed B&W photos he took of Vito.
I brought white flowers (yes, they're real!) to breathe life into the space.
And here's the final room! I think it looks amazing! It still looks like a master's bedroom but there are spaces that are clearly devoted to our babies and to relaxation. I love how everything here--except the major pieces--are really my things. The books, the vases, the sheets and pillows, the photos, the boxes, the rocking horse, the cradle. It already looks like home!

Sigh. So pretty! I'd like to thank my talented husband Vince for this room's design actually. I'm really not a home person. I'm glad I live in a beautiful home but it's really Vince who likes going to furniture shops, watching home design shows and doing the decorating and the cleaning. I just really live in his house!

And while everyone tells us a pretty home isn't a good idea when you have small kids, we're glad to report that in our case, that's not true. My son, at just 19 months old, is so used to living in a nice place that he appreciates nice things! He loves being in beautifully decorated spaces. He loves sheets with high thread count. He loves lolling about our new sofa from Denmark (yes, we waited three months for it to arrive on local shores!). We really believe we have to expose our kids to beautiful things so that their taste is molded early on. So yes, this bedroom is a great room for a family with small kids!

Anyway, voting ends today! So if you haven't voted for my room yet, kindly go to Ethan Allen's Facebook page and LIKE my room. Thanks! I'll know on Monday if I got that bed. Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck! The bedroom looks great :) Love, love, the color scheme! Preggy women are lucky so the odds are definitely in your favor! (yes, that was a deliberate attempt to quote Hunger Games) :)

    The white ladder-like display is from Ethan Allen? Or is that yours? :) I've been looking for something like that for our home.

    1. Ethan Allen's =) There are similar in other design shops and much more affordable, too =P

  2. you and your hubby did a wonderful job on this EA challenge! happy that you won :) well-deserved!

  3. i'm so confused... i thought you're a mag EIC... e parang interioir designer ka eh! ^_^

    1. Mommy K, ikaw ang interior designer! Good job on your huge home!!! =)


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