Sunday, March 25, 2012

There went our weekend plans

We had many plans for this weekend. Go visit the zoo, attend an open house of a preschool, check out a couple of food fairs. But if there's one thing parenthood has taught me is you can make many plans but something is bound to happen that will upset everything. This weekend, Vito suffered his first fever ever. And our world tumbled over.

Vito's always been a strong and healthy boy, beating colds and infections like they were nothing. The worst that ever happened to him was that stomach trouble a few weeks ago. But even though he was sick then, he still played like he wasn't. Yesterday, Vito did nothing but cling to me. We were very alarmed.

Our pedia, Dr. Cricket Chen, wasn't so alarmed so that was a comfort. She advised homeopathic medicines and paracetamol. Vito gobbled up a couple of the homeopathic gummy bears and cried when we gave him the Biogesic orange-flavored drops (which he actually liked, he just won't admit it). All sorts of horrors threatened our imagination--dengue being the worst--but this morning, Vito woke up bright and early and back to his silly and funny and demanding and tantrum-y self. It's like the fever never happened. Like I said, Vito's always been a strong and healthy boy.

Vince and I are limp with relief. And gratitude. Funny how parenting makes us so damn proud (just look at our boy!) and then an illness will bring us to our knees just like that. Nothing, absolutely nothing in this world has ever made us feel more powerful and just as helpless as our children have made us feel (yes, Wiggle's dramatic first few months in my womb was no walk in the park).

It's been a very emotional weekend, exhausting. I did anticipate we'd have an exhausting weekend, but it was supposed to be a happy one. Well, it did end up a happy weekend after all. As long as Vito's okay, then it's a happy day!


  1. Glad Vito has recovered from fever mommy Frances. I can totally relate to everything you said. Take care! :)

  2. it's really hard when your child gets sick. You always, always that na ikaw na lang ang magkasakit :( glad vito's feeling better now!

  3. Glad Vito's feeling better na. He recovered quickly. Magandang investment talaga sa health ng bata ang pagbreastfeed. :)


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