Saturday, March 3, 2012

Topaz Mommy's baby footwear promo: Win Tip Tap Soft Soles + a set of Funky Feet Not Quite Shoes from Mothering Earthlings!


One of my mommy friends is the gorgeous and smart, entrepreneurial and fabulous Rone, who calls her kids earthlings. She has this wonderful mommy+baby online shop called Mothering Earthlings. That's where I got Vito's Tushy Wushy cloth diapers, No Paparazzi tee (full cute outfit here!) and Future Azkal shirt.

The good news: Mothering Earthlings will give away a pair of Tip Tap Soft Soles baby shoes plus a set of Funky Feet Not Quite Shoes socks! *exact designs will depend on the gender of the winner's child
Tip Tap Soft Soles

Funky Feet socks

All you have to do is leave a comment below answering this question:
Just how Imeldific is your earthling?

Rone answers: "I’m Imeldific. I don’t deny it.  I have around 50 pairs of shoes.  When the earthlings were little I went crazy with the cool little sneakers and soft sole shoes for babies. Time to ‘fess up and admit your earthlings most Imeldific moment.  A ridiculous amount of shoes for a person that can’t even walk? Crazy designer shoes for drooling baby more interested in eating them? Boots in the tropics?"

Well, my own Vito owns a few pairs of cool shoes himself! Everyone rolls their eyes and says, "He'll only use them for a month and then his feet will grow!" Well, they don't know that my son has a very active social life. He's out twice a day, every single day visiting his friends. And of course he has to wear shoes! And not just any shoes. 

My son likes to go shoe shopping and that kid's just like his Papa Vince--he likes expensive footwear! Like adidas, Hubsche and Ginoble, Salt Water Sandals, Ipanema, and his absolute favorite: his yellow corduroy TOMS.

So, dear Topaz Mommy readers:
How much do you spend on baby shoes? 
How many pairs does your baby own? 
What's the most expensive, most ridiculous baby footwear your baby has? 

Leave your answer in the comments section. Rone and I will pick the five most Imeldific answers and then we'll pick the winner from that batch! Contest will run from now till March 16. Why March 16? Well, I'll be 8 months pregnant that day. That's all really! Good luck, mommies!

P.S. Don't forget!

UPDATE: The entries are coming in! So fun to read them, too! But I decided I'm not going to publish the comments until March 16 para walang pataasan ng ihi ehehehe. I guess I shoulda asked for photos pala para I have proof that your babies are shoe collectors! But it's okay. I believe you, mommies. All I can say, after reading the first comments, I shouldn't feel guilty about buying Vito his pricey shoes kasi mas grabe pala kayo mag-shopping!!! Love it!


  1. Those TOMS look cute on Vito! We should get a pair for my nephew. Maybe his would be red, or blue. He has maybe around 4 pairs of shoes now and he loves walking in them! He used to hate putting on shoes, he'd rather walk barefoot. But now when we put on his sandals or shoes he knows he's going out for a walk and that excites him!


  2. My son at almost 5 months old is as imeldific as his father! He's got 8 pairs of shoes already and he's not yet even walking! The quantity of his clothes can level with mine! He's easy to shop with since he doesn't get fussy while trying the clothes on :) before, I wasn't really thrilled of having a baby boy since I can't dress him up. But my son proved me wrong!

  3. oh my! Y is the first apo on both my side and my husband side so everyone showers my little girl with gifts. From birth til now (she's 18 months), we have accumulated about more than 20 shoes. Some she uses once lang or not at all! Her most expensive pair would be her silver Toms which she also used to pair her flower girl gown! :) But with the Gap x DVF collection coming out and I'm determined to buy anything from that collection for Y, kung may shoes, that would probably Y's most expensive shoes!


  4. How much do you spend on baby shoes? = ALOT. Because when I like something, I'll buy it in a bigger size for future use.

    How many pairs does your baby own?= Last count (3 years ago) more than 30 pairs.

    What's the most expensive, most ridiculous baby footwear your baby has? Ralph Lauren leather shoes and sneakers and Lacoste rubber shoes.

  5. How Imeldific is my baby? I bought lots of pairs for my baby even before she was born. She has tons of infant shoes and flip flops for toddlers which are still too big for her. But being a first-time mom, I didn't know any better. I only got one pair of walking shoes. Boo. She's about to turn a year old, already walking, and her only walking shoes are now a tad tight, and I'm dying to get a couple pairs, but just couldn't find the time to buy. Sigh.

  6. My 11 month old daughter, to date, has 22 pairs of Mary Janes, 3 pairs of slippers, 4 pairs of sandals, 3 pairs of rubber shoes, 2 suede boots, and 4 pairs of "pambahay" shoes. That's a total of 38 shoes, and I am not even counting her socks yet! And have I mentioned that she hasn't even started to walk unassisted yet?! I think the Imelda in her will go full blast once she starts to walk and run all by herself.

    I have no favorite brands with regard to her footwear. I buy her shoes mostly from Mothercare, Payless, Pitterpat, Florsheim, Baby Gap and those sold at SM and Landmark department stores. When on a trip abroad, my go-to shoe stores for her are Cotton On, Bon Bebe and Vitamins Baby ;)

  7. My first baby who's a girl didn't have proper shoes when she turned one year old. Now that she's four, she's got three crocs as home slippers, she's got shoes for formal wear, she's got shoes for dresses, she's got shoes for wearing pants, she's got sandals, a plain one and a glittery one and Havaianas for summer. All on top of her school shoes and P.E. rubber shoes. One time she wore shorts before going out and I chose the dress shoes for her, she told me off because it's not the pair for shorts!

  8. My son Kian is a shoe fanatic! When he started walking, I finally splurged and got him his first pair of Nikes. White sneakers with a shiny blue swoosh and yellow piping - it was love at first sight! He wore it everywhere even at home! He even slept while holding his shoes!! And now that he's two, his love for shoes has also grown! He would wear his daddy's shoes around the house (falling on his butt won't stop this little tyke!). The most Imeldific moment was when he raided my sister's closet (who has quite a collection of shoes) and modeled them in front of me! He tried on everything from flats and even my sister's boots... and yes, even her heels! I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my eyes! There's no denying his shoe fetish!

    And now that he's about to become a kuya, he wants to give his baby sister her very first pair of shoes! I hope you can help my son win a pair of Tip Tap Soft Soles for our little princess!

  9. my baby boy is not born yet. we have month left to see each other and we can't wait. But, the moment me and my husband know that i am pregnant we already tried to buy baby stuff and that includes shoes and socks that look like shoes. Aren't we excited? It's our first baby anyway, you can't us.. hehe... anyway, us of now we have half a dozen pairs of shoes and socks that look like shoes..(well, mostly socks) :)

  10. My baby is only 3 months old but i think she is already starting her shoe collection at an early stage with all the shoe gifts coming her way.She was baptised last Saturday and that was the vey FIRST time she wore a pair!Her dad's a sneakerhead and he's already bought her first nike air jordan cement which she will only be able to wear when she's 2.

  11. Just how Imeldific is your earthling?
    She's just like me! before I got pregnant I always order shoes from
    When I announced to my family that i was having a girl my sisters went shopping for shoes and tutus right away. I got Ballet shoe socks from my girl friends. My daughter already had more than 10 pairs even before she made her debut to this world!
    How much do you spend on baby shoes?
    350 and above for a single pair once a month. I go for Zara, mothercare and multiply marketplace for shoe shopping for my lil girl.
    How many pairs does your baby own? 
    Since her birth she had more or less 20 but most of them she's already outgrown. She's only using 4 pairs now.
    What's the most expensive, most ridiculous baby footwear your baby has? 
    Nothing crazy or over the top, but I think a 2k pair of gold zara shoes that are still too big for her is a bit expensive already. It'll probably only fit her for a week or 2 then she'll be saying goodbye to them.

  12. My baby owns 9 pairs of shoes! All of them have been outgrown by the little boy, save for his last two pairs of Zara Basic Shoes and a pair of Havainas sandal-slippers. Well, you might think the figures wouldn't qualify to be Imeldific, but the thing is, he just turned six months old! So I wonder how much more shoes he would amass in his lifetime!

    The most ridiculously expensive shoes that he got is a pair of GEOX. It was from the US but it's roughly about P3,000. Unfortunately, he's outgrown it after one use. That makes it more ridiculous!

  13. I have a 3 month baby girl and she's lucky to have lovely people around gifting her with shoes (perhaps they know both parents are addicted to shoes:) My husband's a sneakerhead and so he had already purchased her an air jordan cement sneakers that she can only wear until she gets 2 years old.

  14. My baby will be 14mos old on March 10 and currently, she has the following:
    5 pairs of Umi
    2 pairs of Florsheims
    1 pair of white teeny toes from Payless
    1 gold shoe from Rustanette
    2 pairs of kiddos (Rustans brand too)
    1 pair of pink croc like footwear from The Children's Place
    1 sandals from Genuine kids and
    2 pairs of Havaianas

    That's 15pairs but if my memory serves me right, I have already given
    away more than a dozen pair she has outgrown last year. A couple of
    Umi, Pediped, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Fisher Price,several pairs from Mothercare
    and some other brands I can no longer recall. I just kept 1 pair of
    UMI shoes because that was the first pair I bought for her when I was
    still pregnant so for sentimental reasons, I will try to preserve it

    The most expensive ones are the Umi shoes and they are my favorite.1 pair
    is almost Php3,000. So for the numerous Umi shoes I've purchased for
    my baby, I think I've spent a ridiculous amount :) They're soft
    leather and designs are unique. Since they are quite pricey for
    baby's shoes, I never had to ran into someone else's baby wearing the
    same pair, unlike the ones from Mothercare or Fisherprice. :)

    I used to shop a lot for myself before I got pregnant but that
    changed drastically when I had Paula. I breastfeed her, (she hasn't
    tasted any other kind of milk & I plan to do it for as long
    as she wants my boobies) and I use cloth diapers on her, so all the
    savings from formula, disposable diapers and my shopping money are
    spent for her :) We're just talking about shoes here, don't get me
    started on her clothes :)

  15. I don't know about my Awie, but she brings out the Imelda vibes from me. Everytime I see some cute socks ( she can't walk yet) I am so overcome with cuteness that I can't pass up the opportunity to buy her a new pair.
    Once I even bought her 3 pairs and she only wore it for once because it was too small for her.

    Right now, I think she only has 20 pairs, not counting those that doesn't fit her anymore (babies grow so fast!)

    Since socks are relatively cheaper, I think the most expensive pair I bought her was only P280, knitted w/ a cat character and anti-slip bottom.

  16. Hi, Topaz Mom! My boys are not Imeldific at all -- if they relied on Mommy alone, they'd each be stuck with one pair of sneakers.

    It's a bit different for my daughter, though, because a single pair of shoes simply cannot be made to pair up with all those different dresses, so she's got her sneakers, her "special" black shoes, her "hardy" black shoes, her silver shoes, and her roll-up shoes :-) My boys don't mind; they'd be happy to wear sneakers forever!

  17. My 2 month old little prince, Nate, has 9 pairs of shoes--from sneakers, sandals, sling back flipflops and leather shoes. What's funny, is that he's had most of them even before he was born. Him being the first 'apo' in the family, my sister and I just enjoy clothes and shoe shopping for him even if we know their feet grow so fast ;) Being on leave from work (without pay) does not stop me from shopping for him as it has become my therapy :)

  18. I don't count my girls' shoes coz they occupy half of the shoe cabinet! Thing is we shop twice since you can't just buy for one girl, the younger one will be mad jealous! And with the incoming 3rd girl, I think I need to buy separate shoe cabinet for me and hubby :)
    The girls are not really into brand, anything they fancy that's what we buy. But the most expensive shoes we bought for them were the crocs that they used until it needs to be retired :)

  19. My baby girl, Emilie Jean (6 months) is amazed with her socks that look like shoes (bought on sale at SM). She was on these kinds of socks since birth since baby booties don't cut it for her (they have a tendency to fall off her chunky feet). I hope she wins the contest you have because she will soon outgrow her "shoe-like socks". The new ones I bought from SM during a recent sale will not be wearable in the next 12 or so months. Thanks!

  20. Hindi naman sinasadyang maging Imeldific, but now Aria has more shoes than I have now. I have only three pairs of pumps plus one wedge sandal and two slippers. She has a white Payless sandals, which is the most expensive purchase at P800, a green Florsheim pair bought on sale, Enfant sandals, a couple of pairs sent by my cousin from abroad (na hindi pa nasusuot kasi di pa kasya sa kanya, pero may naipamigay na rin na dalawang naliitan na nya!), and the cheaper shoes from SM and good ol' Baclaran and Libertad (slippers and fake crocs courtesy of the Lola). All in all she has 12 pairs. I can attest na mabilis lumaki ang paa ng kids, but sometimes you shouldn't be a cheapskate if it means comfort to your child's feet. Di ba ang natural tendency is to buy bigger sizes, one time Aria lost a shoe kasi it fell off her foot. And it was an SM shoe na super nice, but a little big for her feet. Sayang ang pera e.

  21. I think an indication of having a lot of shoes is when you forget that you have them and that you have shoes in certain colors and styles.

    When Elle was still in my tummy, we already got her a few pairs (which she never got to wear when she was born because I forgot I had them. When I remembered they were already too small).

    When she was smaller, I got her funky feet socks, pitcheco socks with shoe prints and pitcheco stockings with shoe prints (I think about a dozen or so).

    Then we moved to mary janes in black, white, blue from Baby and Company and from Fisher Price. She was gifted with Osh Kosh beaded mary janes which she wore in her baptism.

    And in keeping with her name, I got her a lot of pairs from ELLE.

    Those in heavy rotation recently are a pair of silver brogues from Gingersnaps, pink jelly sandals, Enfant sneakers, Fisher Price high tops, Robeez leather sandals.

    I also recently purchased (just yesterday) through my SIL in the US, DVFxGAP high tops.

    All these and she's not even walking yet.

  22. My daughter Emilie, is always amazed with her shoe-like socks that I bought on sale at SM. She's now 6 and a half months old. She has about 6 pairs and has already outgrown them. I bought 2 pairs of soft soled shoes at another SM sale but she will not be able to wear them, not for 6 more months. I would love to win one of those cute shoes from Mothering Earthlings! =)

  23. Oops, I didn't click on 'Read More'. Silly me, I commented earlier but I didn't get the chance to answer the questions you posted. Before everything else -- OMG, I have the same yellow curduroy Toms as Vito. Hehe.

    Hmm, anyway, to answer your questions -- I love bargain-hunting but always enjoy little luxuries, so the prices of my baby's shoes range from less than a hundred to a couple of thousand. Right now, she has about 20 pairs -- only 6 fit her well, and only 1 pair for walking (the rest are too big). Probably the most expensive pair my baby has is her pink Burberry booties.


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!