Saturday, March 17, 2012

The winner of the baby footwear prize from Mothering Earthlings is...


She won a pair of Tip Tap baby shoes and a set of Funky Feet Not Quite Shoes socks from the really fab mommy-and-baby online shop Mothering Earthlings!

Remie, congratulations! You have a little shoe-a-holic because your baby's not even born yet and you already bought goodies for its footsies! So Rone of Mothering Earthlings and I decided that you have to win the prize. Email me within the week, okay?

To the other mommies who joined, wow, you are shoe-a-holics extraordinaire, too! Thank you for relieving me of my guilt whenever we buy expensive shoes for Vito! Anyway, I still have another contest to announce tomorrow (wow, one after the other!) so try your luck again. For me, I really enjoy it when you share your lives with me via the comments section. So please keep joining, commenting and visiting Topaz Mommy!

Meanwhile, here's a great guide from about choosing shoes for toddlers (click! click!). I think we're a little heartbroken that hand-me-down shoes are a big no-no. We always used that reason to splurge on Vito's shoes--ya know, little Wiggle can use them next--but Vito wears his shoes so much and so often that we kinda knew they're not fit to be given to anyone after!

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