Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let's get baby in the pool with i play reusable swim diapers! (Yes, another giveaway!)


Yep, it's super hot. The only way to save our sanity in this insane weather is you either turn on the AC or you jump into the pool. We've been stuck with the air con solution until Ecokids, Inc. sent Vito i play swim diapers! Hooray!!! Here's Vito reading looking at the tags:
The snug water-tight poly outer shell prevents poop accidents!
It feels cool and comfortable!
And comes in many fun summery designs!

Here are a few tips from i play about their swim diapers:
- Swim diapers are designed to hold poop so that they don't fall/leak into the water. They're not supposed to hold pee (if they did, they would also absorb the pool water), so let Vito wear them only when he's ready to swim.  :)
- Make sure the waist and legs are snug (but not tight). As long as you can still insert your finger under the diaper, then the fit should be okay.
- As soon as you learn that there's poop in the diaper, get Vito out of the pool promptly. If you plan on letting him back into the pool, wash his diaper area first with soap and water. I sent you 2 swim diapers (the board shorts comes with a built-in swim diaper) so you have an extra in case he wants to go back into the pool. 

Now that we read the instructions, off we went to Sofitel to test the swim diapers.

Vito's soooo cute!

Anyway, we got two diapers--a swim trunks style and a board shorts style, but I was only able to take photos of the trunks. So what's my unbiased review? We love the swim diaper! It was snug around his waist and thighs but didn't bite into the flesh (of course you have to get the right size but some diaper elastics irritate baby skin). It didn't weigh him down like a diaper or even cotton shorts would. Best of all, when he pooped later on, the poop was so easy to remove--it just plopped into the toilet--and the diaper lining was so easy to rinse! I love it!

Ecokids, Inc. wants three of my readers to love their i play reusable swim diapers, too! Yes, they're giving away three diapers to three water babies so we'll have lotsa fun in this super hot sun! Here's what you have to do:

1. Like the Facebook page of i play.
2. Like my Facebook page, too!
3. Leave your Facebook name in the comments below so I know who joined.

That's it! Soooo easy! I'll announce the winners next Saturday, May 5. That should give the lucky winners enough summer days to enjoy their i play reusable swim diapers!


  1. I joined the giveaway. I hope I win! :) My facebook name is Mic Salazar. Thanks!

  2. Hi Frances, I like reading your blog. Been reading it since I was pregnant with my son, he is now 7 months. I use to see you before in Summit before I left. Was just too shy to say Hi. Anyway I really love your blog. I recommend it to Mommy friends, really provides alot of insights and I can really relate most of the time. Anyway was just suppose to leave my name but wanted to say hi too. By the way my name is Zarah Cabal Ruiz :)


    Nice!we've been using disposable swim ones sent to us from relatives.

  4. Joining, Mommy Frances!

    Glaiza G. Tominio
    FB Name : Glaiza Garcia Tominio

  5. I am definitely joining!

    Em Alcantara

  6. Hello Mommy Frances. I've joined the giveaway.=)My son is 1 year and a month old now and he has still no experience swimming. We're still planning to have his first pool experience this summer and I do hope he can use the i play swim diapers. I've followed your blog for just almost 2 weeks and I find it very inspiring. Thank you so much. My name is Pie Aumentar Gavilano,,

  7. Cool! Matty and I were just checking out their swim diapers and board shorts last week at Rustan's. So here's hoping we win! :) We're planning to take our first beach trip (since I gave birth) this August, so it'll be pretty exciting.

    My Facebook username is kayvs, my name there is Katrina Villareal. :)

  8. Michelle C. ParciaApril 28, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    hi frances! my facebook name is Michelle Chua Parcia,thanks!

  9. I would love to see my nephew wear one of these... so cute...
    facebook name is Stell Cordero

  10. Hi, Natalie Aumentado Miranda (Natalie Miranda) here!
    Been reading your blog since I've became a SAHM!!!
    More power, and I hope you'll have a good delivery!!!
    Cheers! :3

  11. Hi! I've been hooked to your blogs. Love love love reading them.

    My name & facebook name:
    Anna Lukban-Mogueis

    God bless! =)

  12. Hi frances! I'm trying my luck for my little boy. FB name is Alice Dulfo-Fernandez :) I've been reading your blog and learning a lot from it too. Have a great day and goodluck sa next baby!

  13. wow! vito is so big na! haha big brother na talaga to wiggle :)

    i joined this giveaway! perfect timing.

    Joyce Yu

  14. Hi Frances! My 18month old daughter enjoys swimming and I'd love to see her wear an iplay swim diaper. Joined the giveaway =) frances w. ortiz

  15. I have been following your blogs... love love love them!

    here's my name & fb name:
    Anna Lukban-Mogueis

    crossing our fingers and our toes!

  16. Joined!
    Fb NAME: Emjaye Santillan Otero

  17. OMG!
    he is so cute!
    i wanna have a baby so bad na

    i just have to join this giveaway.

    i wanna win this giveaway for a friend. i so adore her baby & this is one giveaway that i wanna win for Andi soooooooo bad.

  18. hi! hope i win those swim diapers for my 1yr old baby! my fb name is Shelby Co-Calma. thanks! :)

  19. hi mommy frances! hope i win one of these for my one year old Yohann :)

    my FB name is Mei Alday

  20. Hi Frances! Hope I win and Y get to have a swim day before I give birth!

    Cai Sio
    FB Name: Whixion Art

  21. Joining here, Frances!

    FB name: Myra Michelle Nunez-Tiquio

  22. Joining the blog giveaway! I've been eyeing this for quite sometime. My son's size is XL :P - Jackie Lim

  23. Hi Frances! :) I joined your giveaway. :) My FB name is Tina S. Rodriguez. :) Vito is ADORABLE! :)

  24. Hi Frances! My FB name is Mav Fabros-Galang ( Thank you!

  25. Sorry totally unrelated but would like to know what brand of sunblock you use for Vito? Not a mommy but been looking for a sunblock in this murderous heat. I figured, if its good for a baby, its good enough for a grown up! :) Thanks a lot

  26. joined. =)

    fb name; michelle solee

  27. Hi Mommy Frances! Joining this contest as well.

    Mafeth Madrigal-Molina

  28. hi! i joined too!

    rosette ecleo sacil

  29. Oh,I would love to have this for my apo.:)

    My FB name: Teresa Margie Lumapas-Cecilio

  30. Joining and I hope to win this time. =)

    Thanks for another giveaway!

    My FB name is Shirley Mae Yboa-Tabora

  31. Hi ms. frances! I would love to win this because my 19 months old son loooves swimming! :) And my son's smile is worth joining this contest.

    FB name: Joyce Ann Magtanong


  32. Liked and liked (before pa) :)

    Fb name: Tots Blanco-Lagunay

  33. Hi, I joined too!
    I hope I win, my baby boy loves swimming so much!

    My name is Eunice Ong and I'm a fan of yours!

  34. Hi Ms. Frances!:) This is Jances. I hope I win. hehe

    FB name: Jances Parado

  35. Hi Frances! I joined the contest.

    FB NAME: Melanie Javier Daganato.


  36. I hope I win this, Frances. My facebook name is Michael Concepcion Asuncion :)

  37. I joined as Angeline Rodriguez :)

  38. Hi Miss Frances! Vito is uber cute :) Anyways, I already liked the page. SO there :)

    Mela Chuayap Piguing is the FB name :)

  39. Hi Ms. Frances! Those swim diapers looked cool on Vito! Hope i'd win some for my Kaiser. ;)

    Fb name: kel angeles-chan

  40. Hi Frances! Thanks for the Giveaway.

    FB Name: Maye Domencil

  41. hi mommy frances! thanks for sharing this new find. my daughter loves swimming even just in the nig tub! hope she can have new swim diapers we can use in the pool. (she's 2yrs 3mos)

    i also wish you a safe delivery and congratulations!

    fb:diana rose magat

  42. Liked both pages! I hope I win!

    FB Name: Khaye Cristobal

  43. dyan aquino santosApril 30, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    definite joining
    facebook :
    name: dyan aquino santos

    my 10 month old baby will surely enjoy his swimming wearing this adorable swim diaper...

  44. Hi Frances! This is Maiezl Ramos. I hope to win! :)

  45. We wantneedcrave dozens of these, as my Mito is such a water toddler! Hope I win this.

    FB Name: Leah G. Samson-David :)

  46. joined
    FB name: Joy zamora-zapata

  47. FB Name: Sha Catabay-Baytion

    We also celebrated our anniversary last year at sofitel, same as you, I was 9 months preggy that time with a toddler enjoying the pool! I can relate, hehe. :)

  48. hi frances,

    i joined your contest. i liked your page and iPlay page.
    my facebook name is Lily Pad
    my name is startupbabies. i love iPlay. i also recently blogged about it on

    great contest giveaway. i hope i win :) btw, frances, thank you for making your contest mechanics easy. i hate contest with a dozen steps! hasslehoff! :P

  49. Hi Frances! Love your blog! My FB name is Nina Antonio-Misa. More power! :-)

  50. I'm already your 'liker' in FB, and I liked i Play's page too. Would love to win this for my nephew! Extra cutie points yung attire, plus it would save all of us the humiliation and the danger to health that poopy accidents at the pool might cause

  51. So adorable! Perfect for my seven-month-old!
    Cym Gonzaga-Marzan

  52. Hi frances!!! I'm joining. Been trying to convince hubby to buy this for my little swimmer ;) - Ainna Gerodias-Osorio

  53. My Facebook Name - Mai Nicdao

  54. Mommy Jhan joining for baby Jared! Hope to win the reusable swim diapers! :-)

    - Jhan Rovero-Tria

  55. Hi Frances, my facebook name is Bhey Opulencia Balila. Thank you

  56. Hi Frances, I've been following you for a year now and will continue to read your blogs. Btw, Im Mikai Isais. Can't wait to see wiggle.:)

  57. Hi! My Facebook name is Karen Pobre-Tolentino. Thanks! :)

  58. HI Frances! Joined your giveaway. My 15-month old daughter loves the water. I hope we win :) My FB name is Criselda Pablico-Alano.

  59. Joining!
    - Vanessa Palad-Salosagcol

  60. Vito is so adorable!!!

    Joining your giveaway contest. Hope to win the diapers for my cutie little daughter.

    FB Name: Jacqueline Lu-De Castro

  61. Hi Frances!

    Joined your i play reusable swim diapers giveaway contest! I'm really hoping manalo kami ng baby ko. :)

    FB Name: Ana Dominique Anaud-Acosta

  62. Hi, my Facebook name is Aliana Cedula. Thank you!

  63. I'm joining. Definitely want my Ziggy to enjoy swimming with i play swim diapers too. My Facebook name is Janice Lim

  64. Hi Frances! im joining your i play reusable swim diapers son loves to swim,he is 2y/old now. My facebook name is Wendy Dalope. Thank you so much, God Bless You!

  65. Joined! :)

    Happy 6th to your blog!

    FB name: Ria Denamarca

  66. Hi Frances!

    I want this for my 15-month Anton to enjoy swimming :)

    Marites Quitoriano

  67. Hi!

    I joined..hope to have my little girl
    enjoy the swim diapers..

    Thank you and God Bless!

  68. Hi! I love reading your blog as a soon to be mom it's a great help to mothers out there. Hoping to win the contest:) More power & GodBless. FB name: Bubot Lao

  69. Joining!

    Roxi Roman-Santiago :)

    Hope we win!

  70. Join! hope to win FB Name : Jhuizza Faye Polangcos Bentic

  71. Hello Mommy Frances! I'm such a lucky mommy I happened to see your blog. I'm a first time mom and your blogs really helped me in fulfilling the best job a woman could have - being a mother. Your blogs are truly inspiring. Anyway, I have a 10 month old son and we are very excited this month as we will be going to my home province for a beach outing. My son has allergies so we're always careful with his needs and activities. We can't afford not to let him experience summer because of that. So we hope to get/win your i play swim diaper giveaway so he'll have a super cool summer experience this year =). My FB name is Cristine Sosas Bonita. Thanks mommy Frances!

    Oh by the way, your son is such a cutie playing the waters with his i play swim diapers! Continue to inspire mommies through your blogs mommy Frances! GOD BLESS! =)

    1. Thanks for the sweet words! =)

      Sadly, your contest entry is one year late. Please see the date of the post again!

      You can buy here:


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