Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vince takes on the Parenting Police

I'm beyond thrilled that Vince got published in Philippine Daily Inquirer. And even giddier that his article has been shared over 990 times (last I looked). If you don't have the March 28 paper, check out his article here: Take That, Parenting Police.

And here's the damning photo that shoulda accompanied the article:

Many moms told me over at my Twitter feed and Facebook wall that they are relieved that someone finally understands that they try, try so very hard to be the best moms but always feel they come up short because of what so-and-so parenting expert said. Or what their mothers say. Or what their friends say. Everyone seems to know what's best for our children, everyone except us, their parents!

P.S. What else do you want Vince to write about? Please send us your suggestions!


  1. Sobrang cute ni Vitooooooo! <3

  2. Hi Frances!

    Kudos to the article your husband wrote! I am a mom of a 3 week old boy and its tough! The crying, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, etc... Its hard enough as it is and sometimes people overlook that parents TRY real hard to make everything work out & here come some people who think that judgement disguised in the form of so called advice is actually helping... I mean its great if people can manage to be supermom but its another thing to shove your belief & opinion down someone's throat. I would have to say that this is a feeling I get amongst hard core breastfeeding moms... Truth be told, most (ok maybe some) of these lactivists just turn me off. Just bec a mom can't or won't breastfeed her child doesn't mean she is a bad mother. I love your posts on motherhood and the candidness by which you have written down the horroe stories. I truly admire the honesty and I have tonsay that I can so relate to everything you have said and everything that Vincd has written down. God Bless you both & your children!

  3. I LOVED VInce's article! :) It has inspired me to write a similar one! hehe! :) Will do so soon. :) God bless always, France and boys! Happy, blessed Easter!

  4. Thanks, everybody! =) Vince will be kilig haha

  5. Candz, be strong! I've been there. I'm still there haha! As Tina Fey said, every mom thinks she's suddenly an expert. Especially those who've been moms for a while.

    What made me get through it was the thought that they're doing that to help me. I learned to say thanks to whatever advice, pick what I can apply, and sift out what's stupid and silly or just plain weird.

    I'm sure you're doing the same. It's just hard now because you think everyone's treating you like an idiot =D That's just how you feel but nobody thinks you're actually that way so take a deep breath and smile. They're just eager to help. They just want another baby! =D

  6. Hahaha! Thanks Frances! Appreciate the pat on the back... Yes, ive been trying to be positve with regards to how i take comments :) like what you said, i just think to myself that its just their own way of encouraging me to keep on breastfeeding... Which i find harder than labor by the way, hehehe!

    Are you planning to BF little wiggle when he comes out. Prayers for your safe delivery & healthy babies! ;)

  7. Hi Frances! Love Vince's article! It was spot on! =) Looking forward to his next one =) Btw, Vito's photo was priceless. . . with the big grin and food coloring, Haha! Have a nice weekend ahead!


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