Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vince asks, "Should your wife eat her placenta?" Plus other things we're considering

A couple of weeks ago, Vince wrote about how we're seriously considering some birth-related options that may fall in the weird category (click for Vince's article in the Inquirer).

Those options are ingesting my placenta, giving birth underwater, and banking Wiggle's cord blood. I'll let Vince tell you how we're wading through the pros and cons. In this post, I'll tell you why we're serious about these seemingly bizarre practices.

I first heard about popping placenta pills from fellow blogger, Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. She was, and is, quite enthusiastic about how it helped her deal with post-partum depression, something I am dreading since I had gone through it after Vito was born. It was certainly not thrilling to be weeping with despair when you have just been given a healthy beautiful baby to love. So I am intent on doing everything I can to prevent PPD from happening this time around.

Thing is, everyone says that PPD is completely random--it can happen to you, it may not; you may not feel it with the first baby but it attacks you on your second or third or last; it may be very mild or it can be severe enough to make some women want to kill their babies. And nothing, absolutely nothing, can prevent it from happening if it does strike. The only thing mom-sufferers can do is ride it out and never be alone with their newborns. So, families and friends of moms suffering from PPD, just please be there for these moms. Do not say awful things like, "Be grateful! Snap out of it! Don't be a drama queen! Millions of women have kids so stop that!"

So can you imagine my keen interest when I read several studies supporting that eating one's placenta may actually prevent or alleviate PPD? It's also said to aid in breastmilk production, help the uterus go back to normal, and help mommy's body recover from the delivery. Plus, January Jones of Mad Men ingested her placenta so that's a big deal since I love Betty Draper, er, Betty Francis.  

So will I do it? Well... I dunno! It depends if I have an epidural when I give birth. The placenta is supposed to be super fresh and free from drugs, so if I decide on an epidural, well, obviously my placenta would be drug-infused. So we'll see!

For more on placenta ingestion, here's what the NY Times and Huffington Post have to say.

Well, if I did this then I wouldn't need that epidural!

I was supposed to do water birth. My OBG, Dr. Rebecca Singson, thinks I'm a great candidate since I have a high tolerance for pain, my labor is really quick, and, well, she thinks I'm influential enough to write about water birth and make it a more accepted birthing procedure. I agree with her first two points but I dunno about that third haha.

Vince's article describes why we want to do a water birth, but after we did the tour of the excellent facilities at St. Luke's Global City, I chickened out. Vince is a gentleman when he wrote that I was shy to be naked and afraid to be far from drugs. While what he said is partially true, my real reason is (and don't laugh) I'm scared I'd poop and my shit will float on the water with my baby. It's a stupid, silly reason but my friends who are nurses and doctors say that birthing women poop all the time and I just didn't want that happening! I will die of embarrassment!

So no water birth for me but I do think it's an amazing way to give birth and if you want to do it, St. Luke's Global is the only hospital here with water birth facilities (Asian Hospital used to offer but no more). Go ask for a tour!

Here's the Wiki on water birth. For videos, just go to YouTube. Tons of women giving birth in bath tubs there!

Now here's something from the future. Vince's article already described how stem cells found in the blood from the umbilical cord can be used to treat a number of diseases. It's a very young science now but every year, scientists are finding more and more uses for stem cells, and it's a financial risk we're willing to take. After all, if it could mean saving the life of Wiggle, Vito or even Vince and me one day, then what's money?

I'm talking to a CordLife agent next week. I want to ask about payment options. It really is pricey (48K + VAT upon registration is nothing to sneeze at!). I really hope we can afford it because our children's health is of utmost importance. Some people have told us that there's very little chance our kids will develop the diseases stem cells are helping cure now. While that's true, freak accidents have been known to happen and we don't want to regret this one day. So I really really really hope we can afford cord blood banking!

Read up on cord blood banking over at Kids Health.

So there. That's what Vince and I have been mulling over while we wait for Wiggle to make his grand entrance. We hope that we make the right decisions. Sigh. Every day as a parent is always trying to make the right decision. It's not easy, this constant awareness to do what's right for your family. It's a good thing love motivates us!

P.S. You know what I really want to do? I want to be the one to pull my baby out of me. Just like how Kourtney Kardashian did!

That's amazing.


  1. I cried when I watched the video! hahahaha. Kourtney was so calm! Unbelievable!

    So excited for you and the family! Can't wait to see Wiggle in your blog! :)

    1. I was like that, too! I was very quiet and calm, feeling ko Scientology birth =) I was even joking around with the nurses and doctors and then when it came time to push, push ako quietly. Vince was kinda disappointed. I think he was expecting me to cry, scream, make him mura. But giving birth was so Zen =)

  2. you are funny frances!!! i want to have a third because I want to do a water birth! if you decide not to ingest your placenta, i suggest you bring it home with you pa din - just bury it and plant a tree :D memento of what nourished wiggle in you. you can freeze it first while you are looking for a place to plant it in.

    1. Argh! I am soooo undecided pa actually. One day, I am sure I want a water birth, the next day, ayoko! =(

  3. we have the same concerns frances but i'm still not thinking about it too much pa. siguro when i reach 28 weeks then i'll go back to this post hehe :D

    1. Even the pooping in the water? =) Great! I'm not the only silly pregnant woman in the world after all =P

  4. Hi Frances! I think since you're very aware of the possibility of PPD and you're determined to deal with it,that ups your chances of not having it or dealing with it better.

    I had PPD after my second baby girl and I didn't even know it. It almost wrecked my entire life, it was that bad. I thought I was going crazy. When I got back to my senses, dun ko na lang na-realize with the help of my OB na PPD pala siya.

    Coincidence or not, I observed I was actively blogging after my first baby and hardly blogged after the second. So I guess having a creative outlet or any beneficial outlet at all can help you deal with PPD.

    Anyway, do take care and I pray you'll have a safe and smooth delivery. :)

    1. Yes, I'm oh so ready to deal with it, should it happen. Even my hubby. He felt very helpless the first time. He took an entire month's leave (instead of the 7-day paternity one) just to be with me!

      Thank you for the prayers! And yes, blogging helped me with the PPD. Pero sana talaga wala akong PPD this time around!

  5. hi ms. frances, i read some few blogs where the mom gave birth through water birth pero sa US mga yun eh. here's the link : ,

  6. that video was awesome! Kourtney is such an astig Mommy! :)

    wishing you all the best on your delivery.

  7. I was hopeful to do water birth too after so much research on it but two factors hindered me from doing so: it's not commonly practiced in the country and my awfully low tolerance for pain. But i was still aiming to do at least a natural birth! But that didn't happen either. Nothing goes as planned with delivery!

    My birth plan was sort of a waste. The only things that went as planned were for post deliver for Jacob.

  8. I have plan on giving birth in the water and I'm decided. This will be my second baby and due on August. With my first, I labored for 12 hours with no epidural and all natural. So I'm planning to try the water birth to lessen the pain with natural way. I have an o.b. but still looking for a midwife who have experienced a lot on this. Do you know anyone? Thanks! :)


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