Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wiggle's clothes are ready for him!

So the hospital bag's packed and we are so ready to go. But Wiggle's taking his sweet time in my uterus so we've been filling the days with nesting activities--we had a mini-renovation, we're having everything broken fixed, we donated clothes and unused items to charities, we're cleaning and rearranging the house like mad... It's been wild here at home!

Part of preparing for Wiggle's arrival was going through Vito's old things and having them washed and ironed. I got really emotional, I tell ya. I had to do it twice--the first time, Vito was with me and when he saw me weeping over the tiny socks, he got upset and told the socks that they were, "Bad!" (I believe he got that word from his previous yaya) so I put away the storage bin for another day.

The second time I went through the clothes, I made sure Vito was already asleep. This time, Vince was with me. I was prepared to be business-like but... Oh well, there I went again, crying like a silly girl. I was bawling to Vince, "Look at how tiny these are! Vito wore these. Now he's so big! Where did the time go? He's growing up so fast!"

Vince got a bit emotional, too. But he cheered up faster than I did. He realized that there was another little boy arriving very very soon and that made him so happy. We really are so excited to meet Wiggle!

Anyway, while we washed and ironed Vito's clothes before storage, I asked the new yayas to wash them again. For this task, I used D-Nee laundry detergent, an infant-and-toddler care product line from Thailand.

The detergent is very safe--PH-nuetral, biodegradable, and contains nothing that might irritate baby's skin, so no dyes, no bleach, no fabric softener. And yet, after we tried it, Wiggle and Vito's clothes were clean and so soft!

The only thing Vince and I didn't like very much is the fragrance. It's very very very fragrant. We like to smell like ourselves, not like soap! I'll try asking the yayas to lessen the amount they used next time and see if the overpowering scent diminishes. But aside from that (and it's really not so bad), we really like D-Nee.

I got my D-Nee stash for free (thanks thanks!) but you can get their products from their Facebook page or from the following stores: Baby & Beyond, Crossings Department Store, Kukuduckbill at Market! Market!, Landmark Department Stores, Pioneer Centre, Gaisano Mall in Davao, and International Freeport Traders in Subic.


  1. There's something about teeny tiny baby socks that make me squee. They are too cute!

    I hope you have save delivery, Frances!

    And I hope this goes through, I've been having trouble commenting when a captcha is required for months!

    1. Thanks! And glad to see you again here =)

  2. I hope you have a safe and easy delivery Frances! I still keep A LOT of my kids' infant clothes...can't seem to let go of them!
    And may pahabol ako for baby Wiggle, as I promised last year diba -- to match kuya Vito's Green Sproutlets :)))

    Thanks for your feedback on D-nee. I use it for our undies since I don't have a baby na :) It's super soft on the clothes, but the scent can be a bit strong especially if the liquid is too much. Try their recommended 1/2 cup + 2 liters of water and let me know. :)

    1. Uyyy, hoping for a new baby si Michelle =P

      Re: D-Nee, ya I think the maids used too much. Ewan ko ba sa mga katulong ko. Sobrang maaksaya. Kahit na ilang beses kong sabihin magtipid!

      And super thanks for Wiggle's gift!!! You are so sweet and kind to me =) God bless you!

  3. Hahaha... Frances, NOT hoping for a baby na!!!! I'll faint! 3 would have been ideal, but hindi ko na kaya! We're happy with two! ;)
    Take care and sana manganak ka na! :)

  4. Hi Frances,

    I'm so happy to see Vito's Funkyfeet socks ready to be worn by your next baby. :)

    Hope you have a safe delivery!

    Proud Mama Store, creators of Funkyfeet

  5. What did you use before D-Nee? We've been using Cycles coz it smells so good, baby na baby! :D


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