Friday, June 29, 2012

Our parenting philosophy

Yep, that's how we're doing it. After all, parents are supposed to be an embarrassment to their kids, right, especially during the dreaded teen years. So Vince and I will do plenty of stuff that's sure to make Vito and  Iñigo roll their eyes in exasperation or, if we're lucky, give them a sense of humor.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My push present!

Today was a fun day. Vince's push present finally arrived! And I'm so excited I didn't get the Olympus to take a sharp and proper photo, just BB'd and Tweeted it to the dear followers and now sharing with you here.

It's a set of stackable rings in matte gold with all our birthstones: amethyst, yellow topaz, peridot and emerald. I'm so in love with my push present!!!

What's a push present? Click here to find out!

Silver Cross strollers, for our little princes and princesses!

Be still, my beating mommy heart! The most luxurious of all baby strollers is finally here in the Philippines! Mothercare, a very British brand, will be carrying the Silver Cross line, and it's making my heart skip a few beats because I love Princess Diana! And one of the most adorable photos I've ever seen of her is all her cute blondeness in a Silver Cross pram:

Silver Cross is a very old and distinguished brand, established in 1877 and quickly became the Rolls Royce of baby carriages. In fact, it's the one used by British royalty!   
Princess Elizabeth, totally unaware she'd be a queen one day. 
Prince Charles
Plus, you all know I edit a Hollywood celebrity magazine and Silver Cross is the pram used by stars like Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie.
The beautiful Audrey Hepburn

So, as a mommy who's an avid royal watcher and celebrity lover, I'd totally adore it if we had a Silver Cross baby carriage for my two princes! Except that I live in a tiny apartment and a Kensington pram is as big as a small car!

Not to worry. Mothercare's bringing in the strollers that are fit for the modern, urban mom and child! Being well over a century old, Silver Cross knows a lot about moving babies in comfort and style and, most importantly, in safety. The best part? They may be fit for royalty but the price is welcome to plebeians like me!

Take the Fizz Air, for example. Easy to open, easy to fold, easy to recline, easy to store--all with one hand! Also has lockable swivel wheels, hood, ventilated rain cover, shopping basket. Made of ultra lightweight aluminum, it weighs just 4.5 kg. I love how sleek it is! This one's perfect for us and our super hot climate because of the ventilated mesh seat and hood. And all that for just P9,495. It's got royal pedigree and yet it's more affordable than a ton of clunky strollers out there!

Will be checking out Silver Cross strollers at Mothercare soon. I know you will, too! If you see me at any of  the branches (Abreeza Mall, Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Galleria, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, SM Masinag, Trinoma), do say hi!

*photos courtesy of Mothercare Philippines

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Win an ultimate home makeover from Real Living, mommies!

Real Living has a special place in my heart for two reasons:
1. Our home was featured in the March 2009 issue.
2. Our reading nook was the cover of the fifth book, Small Space Solutions (see here and here)

Now, Real Living may just be extra special to you, too, dear mommy, especially if you win their Ultimate Home Makeover Contest!

Get a chance to win a complete home makeover! REAL LIVING’S ULTIMATE MAKEOVER CONTEST 2012 is back! 
Send your entry with your full name, birth date, occupation, mobile and landline numbers, email address, and your brief answer (50 words or less) to this question: WHY DOES YOUR SPACE DESERVE AN ULTIMATE MAKEOVER?
Please provide at least THREE (3) CLEAR PHOTOS (digital file or printout) of the single area/room or different area/rooms that need a makeover. Please also include a solo photo of yourself or with your family. 
This promo will run only until July 5, 2012. 
For more details and complete mechanics, visit

Vince and I love living in a beautiful home. We've been warned that a pretty house and small children cannot exist together, but haha we're making it work! Sure, our house looked waaaay better when we had no kids but even with the breakables whisked away to unreachable spots, we're proud to say our home-with-kids still looks really nice.

I truly do believe that children should be exposed to beautiful things, to a beautiful life. Not necessarily an expensive life, okay. And that's what's so great about Real Living and the homes they feature. They're real homes, not uber designer spaces that you can't sit, lie, eat, breathe in! The homes on their pages are homes you can actually enjoy living in.

If that's the home you want for you and your family, join na!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lucy made me want to redecorate

Lucy Torres Gomez (yes, the lovely congresswoman, TV host, model, wife of demi-god Richard Gomez, mommy of pretty Juliana, and Topaz Mommy reader!) sent these adorable bath kits to my sons.
Cute polar bears say hello!
It's a toiletries pouch, a laundry sack and a towel with hood.
Every item is personalized!
Thank you, Lucy! My little boys feel the love. Daghan kaayong salamat!

Vince and I were startstruck for a good while. Kung pwede lang ilagay sa shrine haha Then a few days ago, as I was making ligpit the kids' stuff, I saw Lucy's presents and got struck by inspiration. The bath kits' color combination would be the perfect theme for the boys' future room!

Now I've always loved the red-blue-and-white color combo. The primary colors with the neutral white are simple and bold, which is what I want my boys to be! Here are some room inspirations:

We're not redecorating yet, though. The boys' room is currently Vince's office, and a writer needs his space. Plus, we like co-sleeping with the babies. And Vince wants to decorate the next house, not our condo. He figures that if we're going to spend big bucks on the house, might as well spend on a real house! But I'm definitely keeping the photos above as my peg for the kids' room.

*bedroom pictures from Style Decor, Color Company, Canadian House & Home, A Bit of Home 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vito loves Lego

Must post these photos before Vito grows again! Because now, Vito's much bigger and his hair's nicer haha

These photos were taken a few weeks ago. It's Vito's new favorite (and Vince's still favorite!) toy.

Actually, Vince had bought the box of Legos weeks and weeks before but, aside from the colors and the noise they make when Vito shakes the box, my little boy wasn't really interested in them.

Then one day, out of the blue, he got it. He understood how Lego works. And he just snapped them together and stacked them and--most importantly--used his imagination. He makes...yep, you guessed it...CARS! He builds cars! Cars will always be Vito's first love so it's funny that he uses his new favorite toy to make his old favorite toy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Very important info! Drowning does NOT look like drowning

A child drowned in our condo complex pool recently. The shock is felt everywhere. Especially since she drowned while there were other people in the pool, around the pool. She drowned with her parents there. No one knew she was drowning.

Everyone is asking, "How did this happen? How can they not know she was drowning?" Well, that'll be Hollywood's fault. Everyone thinks that a person in distress would be screaming for help and flailing about in the water. Apparently, it's not that way at all. This article describes how real drowning is like and, parents, please read!

"Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning" from gCaptain

The article says, "Children playing in the water make noise. When they get quiet, you get to them and find out why." Whether it's in the pool or in the bathtub, never ever leave children alone. Be safe! And let's say a prayer for the poor parents of that little girl, too.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Surprise party for my mommy friends

I have the coolest mommy barkada in our neighborhood. They are the most amazing women--all accomplished and all also very hands-on with raising their kids. I seriously don't know how they do it! They truly inspire me.

Not only are they fab career women and mommies, they're also great friends. Here we are throwing a surprise baby shower for Cathee and birthday party for Claire.

Cathee, me, Dada and Tricia
That's Claire beside Cathee. The theme was green but Cathee didn't cooperate!
Cathee, Dada and Earl enjoying the food. Yum!
Earl and Dada with Inigo. These women always send my family food! 
Quiz time! Everyone's highly competitive!
Everyone's also funny. These ladies make me laugh so much!
Wide smiles all!
Happy birthday, Claire! Have a safe and easy delivery, Cathee! We must get together again soon!

P.S. Hmm. I don't know why the photos look fuzzy. The original files are sharp. I adjusted lang the size and brightness and then they all became malabo. Weird!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day gift suggestions

It's Father's Day this Sunday. Vince says it's a Hallmark Holiday and doesn't think we should celebrate it. And yet when prodded for what he'd want to get as a gift, he immediately quipped: "MacBook Pro with retina display!" Silly rabbit.

I'm sure you're all also wondering what to give your dads or the fathers of your children. Rustan's Department Store knows this and sent me some gift suggestions to share with you.
Faconnable denim shirt and 5 pocket jeans
Pedro del Hierro logo shirts 
Tommy Bahama checkered polo in red ginger and khaki pants
Montblanc messenger bag; Faconnable 5 pocket
jeans, black leather belt and long sleeve
woven shirt
Hackett Aston Martin polo, boat shoes,
khaki/navy/charcoal trousers and slippers
Facconable canvas belt, brown boat shoes,
and 5 pocket jeans
Faconnable dress shirt, canvas sneakers, and sneakers/shoes, 
and belts from Nautica
Fratelli Rossetti brera slip-on loafer
Bric’s Life Pilot wheeled trolley in olive;
Pedro del Hierro brown leather shoes
Dibi Ties Chambray bow tie;
Hackett brown fedora hat
Montblanc cufflink and Flyback steel watch
Gendarme Sky Grooming Set
Clarins Father’s Day Purse (Super Moisture Balm, Active Face Wash,
Shampoo and Shower Gel, and a Men’s Purse)
Phyto’s Phytolium 4 Treatment for hair loss, 12 vials
John Allan’s Scrub, Slick Water and Shave

What are you getting the fathers in your life? Are you shopping, cooking, going out, karaoke-ing? Do tell!

For more gift selections for your dad, visit and inquire at all Rustan’s department Store branches: Rustan’s Makati, 813-3739; Rustan’s Shangri-la, 633-4636; Rustan’s Alabang, 850-5532; Rustan’s Gateway, 911-2401

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yummy scents for your home by Daphne Paez and Bench

Hi fellow mommies! Sorry I've been MIBA (missing in blog action). I'm quite devoted to my two young boys. But being a mom of two under two is not easy. Adorable and heartwarming but not easy! So when Daphne Paez invited me to her home scents launch last Friday, I asked Vince if we could drop by. Mommy me needed to take a break from the labandera hair and no-makeup look!
Magulo pa rin ang hair.

I love home fragrances. I have a collection of oils, candles, reed diffusers, linen and room sprays from Body Shop, Alice Blue and many more, come to think of it. So obviously I wanted to check out the Bench x Daphne Paez x Dimensione launch!

Proudly Pinoy lifestyle brand Bench has been dominating the celebrity fragrance market for years but they've never done home fragrances until now. And I think it's so perfect that they got Daphne to do their first home scents line.
Daphne is known to be the country's home expert. I've been to her home, a bahay-na-bato, and it is fabulous. Very tastefully designed, respectful of the history and architecture of the house but no way is it musty and old. Very comfy, too. I love her house!

Anyway, here we are at Dimensione High Street, where Vince and I always shop for our own home. Grabbed this photo from Bench's Twitter account. There's the lovely Daphne (who also happens to be my blogging mentor!), then there's me and Vince and our little Iñigo, who is exactly 4 weeks old here. Daphne's launch was not just my first post-partum event, it was Iñigo's first event ever! Oh, I had to bring the baby because I'm exclusively breastfeeding and he's a hungry greedy rabbit!

You know, this was her event but when Daphne came over to me and Vince, all she talked about was Iñigo and how Vito is coping and how she handled her own kids' sibling selos. She gave us tips and assurances. She's such a mommy! I kinda felt bad after because I didn't even ask about how she was feeling and how exciting this major personal and professional triumph must be... But that's Daphne--she always goes out of her way to make other people feel important!

Raymond Gutierrez hosted.
I had a chance later on to congratulate her, during the media Q&A session. I asked her what kinds of scents bring up fond memories for her. And she replied, "You're going to relate to this. The scent of a newborn. Oh, I'm going to cry! It's the best smell in the world and no one can bottle it." Awww, I know! New babies smell like heaven. In fact, when Daphne was chatting with me and Vince, she was sniffing Iñigo's feet and head!

The launch was gorgeous, by the way. Simple but elegant. It was a tea party so hot tea was served in little white pots with a collection of sweets and savory bites served on delicate porcelain. Everything was white and flowery and feminine and dainty. I love it when food is served prettily!

I also loved how Bench transformed the second floor of Dimensione. It was so bright and airy. Parang I want to rent that floor for a reception! Anyway, the beautiful event was attended by beautiful people:
The effervescent Patty Laurel with her fiance Patrick Filart. I met them
a few weeks ago during the Ethan Allen design challenge.
They are such an adorable couple. Best wishes!'s Isha Andaya-Valles and Jae Pickrell
and Preview's Pauline Juan in this season's hot trend florals
Model and mommy-to-be Nicole Hernandez De Los Angeles.
She's expecting a baby boy! Yey for baby boys!
F girls Angel Aquino and Daphne
Congratulations, Daphne! Really so happy for you and can't wait to see what you'll do next!

My favorite: the sweet, warm and creamy scent of homemade lemon tart

Home Scents by Daphne Paez for Bench is available at all Dimensione branches for just P348 a bottle. The scents are Acres of Lavender, Homemade Lemon Tart and Mint Jasmine. 

Daphne with scents photos courtesy of Bench. Guest photos are from Bench's Tweets.