Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day gift suggestions

It's Father's Day this Sunday. Vince says it's a Hallmark Holiday and doesn't think we should celebrate it. And yet when prodded for what he'd want to get as a gift, he immediately quipped: "MacBook Pro with retina display!" Silly rabbit.

I'm sure you're all also wondering what to give your dads or the fathers of your children. Rustan's Department Store knows this and sent me some gift suggestions to share with you.
Faconnable denim shirt and 5 pocket jeans
Pedro del Hierro logo shirts 
Tommy Bahama checkered polo in red ginger and khaki pants
Montblanc messenger bag; Faconnable 5 pocket
jeans, black leather belt and long sleeve
woven shirt
Hackett Aston Martin polo, boat shoes,
khaki/navy/charcoal trousers and slippers
Facconable canvas belt, brown boat shoes,
and 5 pocket jeans
Faconnable dress shirt, canvas sneakers, and sneakers/shoes, 
and belts from Nautica
Fratelli Rossetti brera slip-on loafer
Bric’s Life Pilot wheeled trolley in olive;
Pedro del Hierro brown leather shoes
Dibi Ties Chambray bow tie;
Hackett brown fedora hat
Montblanc cufflink and Flyback steel watch
Gendarme Sky Grooming Set
Clarins Father’s Day Purse (Super Moisture Balm, Active Face Wash,
Shampoo and Shower Gel, and a Men’s Purse)
Phyto’s Phytolium 4 Treatment for hair loss, 12 vials
John Allan’s Scrub, Slick Water and Shave

What are you getting the fathers in your life? Are you shopping, cooking, going out, karaoke-ing? Do tell!

For more gift selections for your dad, visit and inquire at all Rustan’s department Store branches: Rustan’s Makati, 813-3739; Rustan’s Shangri-la, 633-4636; Rustan’s Alabang, 850-5532; Rustan’s Gateway, 911-2401

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