Monday, June 25, 2012

Lucy made me want to redecorate

Lucy Torres Gomez (yes, the lovely congresswoman, TV host, model, wife of demi-god Richard Gomez, mommy of pretty Juliana, and Topaz Mommy reader!) sent these adorable bath kits to my sons.
Cute polar bears say hello!
It's a toiletries pouch, a laundry sack and a towel with hood.
Every item is personalized!
Thank you, Lucy! My little boys feel the love. Daghan kaayong salamat!

Vince and I were startstruck for a good while. Kung pwede lang ilagay sa shrine haha Then a few days ago, as I was making ligpit the kids' stuff, I saw Lucy's presents and got struck by inspiration. The bath kits' color combination would be the perfect theme for the boys' future room!

Now I've always loved the red-blue-and-white color combo. The primary colors with the neutral white are simple and bold, which is what I want my boys to be! Here are some room inspirations:

We're not redecorating yet, though. The boys' room is currently Vince's office, and a writer needs his space. Plus, we like co-sleeping with the babies. And Vince wants to decorate the next house, not our condo. He figures that if we're going to spend big bucks on the house, might as well spend on a real house! But I'm definitely keeping the photos above as my peg for the kids' room.

*bedroom pictures from Style Decor, Color Company, Canadian House & Home, A Bit of Home 


  1. I love all designs! I really know how space-saving bunk beds can be (I had one when I was a kid too), but I'm so scared of putting Jacob on one until he's about 10! Having experienced him falling off of our bed that is about thigh-high, I not dare imagine how faling off a bunk bed would be like. Eep! I'm not ready for that i guess. :D


  2. Wow! would you know where I can the items given by Lucy Torres-Gomez? Thank you!

  3. Congratulations on your new baby!!!

    Ive been reading your blog since you've started this for your jelly bean now you have another blessing!!! Thanks for sharing because I learned a lot from your experiences, thoughts, and insights about parenthood ...


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