Thursday, June 28, 2012

Silver Cross strollers, for our little princes and princesses!

Be still, my beating mommy heart! The most luxurious of all baby strollers is finally here in the Philippines! Mothercare, a very British brand, will be carrying the Silver Cross line, and it's making my heart skip a few beats because I love Princess Diana! And one of the most adorable photos I've ever seen of her is all her cute blondeness in a Silver Cross pram:

Silver Cross is a very old and distinguished brand, established in 1877 and quickly became the Rolls Royce of baby carriages. In fact, it's the one used by British royalty!   
Princess Elizabeth, totally unaware she'd be a queen one day. 
Prince Charles
Plus, you all know I edit a Hollywood celebrity magazine and Silver Cross is the pram used by stars like Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie.
The beautiful Audrey Hepburn

So, as a mommy who's an avid royal watcher and celebrity lover, I'd totally adore it if we had a Silver Cross baby carriage for my two princes! Except that I live in a tiny apartment and a Kensington pram is as big as a small car!

Not to worry. Mothercare's bringing in the strollers that are fit for the modern, urban mom and child! Being well over a century old, Silver Cross knows a lot about moving babies in comfort and style and, most importantly, in safety. The best part? They may be fit for royalty but the price is welcome to plebeians like me!

Take the Fizz Air, for example. Easy to open, easy to fold, easy to recline, easy to store--all with one hand! Also has lockable swivel wheels, hood, ventilated rain cover, shopping basket. Made of ultra lightweight aluminum, it weighs just 4.5 kg. I love how sleek it is! This one's perfect for us and our super hot climate because of the ventilated mesh seat and hood. And all that for just P9,495. It's got royal pedigree and yet it's more affordable than a ton of clunky strollers out there!

Will be checking out Silver Cross strollers at Mothercare soon. I know you will, too! If you see me at any of  the branches (Abreeza Mall, Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Galleria, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, SM Masinag, Trinoma), do say hi!

*photos courtesy of Mothercare Philippines


  1. Will definitely check this out! Thanks for posting!

  2. Beautiful strollers but expensive.

  3. Seem like a really durable stroller. Will be checking out this brand.

  4. I hope they have double strollers too.

  5. These look nice! I never even looked at these when I was stroller searching. The prams are huge, but the Fizz Air looks very convenient!

  6. Silver cross has been in the county for years at landmark and Greenberg as far as I know. Actually owned the fizz but let go of it coz of its tendency to tip over. It tipped over more than pnce eoth my son in it. Good thing i caught them
    In time. THere are better ones out there.

  7. Frances, the department store in Market! Market! carries Silver Cross na. Long time ago pa! First saw it when we were stranded there during Ondoy, and about a few months ago, checked it out again - still there! Loads of Silver Cross and McLaren strollers and prams inside that obscure little Market Market department store.

  8. I got my bubba a Silver Cross Fizz, i love the sling shoulder strap very convenient to carry. The ventilated mesh is very important for tropical weather like ours, and oh plus the SPF 50 hood! The Fizz carries my little bubba like a hammock. Washable and reversible pads are great! My friends kept on convincing me to switch to mclaren, but with these details and features i would rather stick with my buggy.

  9. That's great information. Thanks for sharing this blog. I did a search and found your blog and glowing review. It's been a big help! Thanx!


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