Monday, July 30, 2012

Vince says a sad good-bye to baby girls

I've been so busy I forgot to tell you about my husband's heartbreaking article in the July issue of Smart Parenting. I did announce it on the social networks.
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With my increasingly busy schedule, I find it easier to Tweet and update Facebook than to blog. Sadness! I should've promoted this at the start of the month! I truly do want you to read Vince's article. My husband has always wanted to have daughters. He's been coming up with the perfect names for his daughters. But life had other plans for us and gave us beautiful boys instead. we're not complaining. Our sons amaze us every single day. We're blessed indeed.

Still, he looks at baby girls longingly and I still roll around the perfect girl name in my mouth. But we've decided that our hearts and arms will be filled by just two children. Unless life again decides otherwise!

Do read Vince's article. He writes about his sadness and joy (yes!) so well, with poignance and love and gratitude. It's the last day of July and I'm sure there are still copies out. Grab a copy please! Thanks!


  1. Awww... It's so nice that Vince wants to have a little girl

    I do hope you have one someday, I bet it'll make your hubby sweeter than he already is :)

  2. I hope I still find a copy of this. Would love to read it. I have a girl but have wanted a boy ever since I could remember.

  3. I already read that article.and im saving that copy so i can share it with my husband when he gets home on December :) a very touching article.

  4. I am gonna buy that magazine just to read that article of your hubby! LOL :)

  5. Hi Frances, I just want to say that I bought this issue on Zinio just for your husband's article. I am dealing with gender disappointment right now and since it's an un-talked about part of pregnancy, I'm having a very difficult time dealing with it. Coping with GD is a slow process and your husband's article has helped tremendously. Please thank him for me.

    1. Hey, Vince is happy he was able to help in a little way =) Thanks also for telling us. We were disappointed, too, when we found out Vito was a boy. Vince wanted little girls but he figured our next kid/s might be a girl so he was okay. I was the one who had a really hard time. You see, in our family, if the eldest is a boy, he most likely screws up BIG TIME. So I had this illogical belief that if my first child is a boy, he'd get the "family curse". I cried for more than a day!

      But my friends and some family told me that how a child turns out is mostly parenting and mostly his own personal decision, too. So if I just make sure I'm a good parent, I'll most likely raise a child who'll make good decisions, too. =) It took me a while but I am so very happy Vito is a boy! I love him to bits! I don't even want to have girls anymore! Well, sometimes haha


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