Monday, July 2, 2012

You witness a kidnapping. Would you stop it?

Let me tell you a story on how pakialamera I am. One time, Vince and I were at the grocery. We were at a food stand, waiting for our merienda to cook (kwek kwek!). Waiting for their merienda too was a man and a little boy. Little boy kept crying and crying; he was screaming, "Mama! Mama!"

Without thinking, I just went and confronted the man, "Why is this boy crying? Are you the father? Where is his mother?" Man was shocked. Vince was scandalized. I said, "What if this boy was kidnapped?!" And Vince said, "If that guy is a kidnapper, he won't be standing around here waiting for his kwek kwek!"

True story.

Saw this video today and I was reminded of the kidnapping stories a while back. I am sure I'll put my nosy nose in if I saw this happen. I'm just built that way and I hope, especially when it comes to our children and their safety, we'd all make it our business.


  1. That's really scary! A friend of mine was in Megamall. Her bag was being slashed by a man with a knife to get her valuables, while other people/passersby didn't do anything. Nobody dared to help. :(

  2. Better be pakialamera in that sense rather than just stay quiet and watch a kidnapping unfold right before our very eyes :)We should all be nosy moms!

  3. Sorry I just had to laugh at Vince's line: "If that guy is a kidnapper, he won't be standing around here waiting for his kwek kwek!"

    Anyway, I must say you're really brave, Frances. :)

  4. I was just spending the rest of the early morning (3-5am! eep!) watching What Would You Do episodes on YouTube. This particular one struck me the most! Also the one where a pretend baby is left in a car. Gosh. It just makes me sad some people just pass by.

    After I watched those videos, I've become more nosy and 'usisera' with my surroundings. It's better that way than being ignorant.

  5. You were admirably brave ms. Frances! Let me share too a story like this one. A co-worker of my mom's story actually. Her grandson was kidnapped by the yaya at home, one lazy afternoon, while the father and the lola was asleep upstairs. Yaya and the 4 year old boy was last seen watching cartoons tv. When the father woke up they could not find the duo anymore. Two days later, the boy was found. It seems the yaya and the boy rode the jeep, and yaya asked the jeepney driver "paano pumunta sa antipolo? Dadaanan ba kayo sa ___?". The driver noticed the young boy crying non-stop, and wailing "mommy, mommy..want to eat, tummy hurts" (something like that daw). But what made the driver suspicious that the woman accompanying the boy was not its mother is when he noticed the boy not wearing any slippers or shoes! The driver, god bless his heart, took them to the nearest police station. The yaya however ran off to escape upon realizing the driver's intention. The boy was turned over to a social worker, and after two days, he was able to come home. So Ms. Frances, you did the right thing, because what if the kid was indeed kidnapped? If the man is indeed the kid's father or uncle or ninong, and the parents trusted him to take care of the child muna doon, why would he cry for his mom like that.

  6. Hi Frances, i am a new reader of your blog and came across this post. Your story shows you have a good heart and i admire your courage to confront the man waiting for his kwek-kwek :) Funny but heartwarming story!

    I cried watching the video - really touched by the helpful young men. Thanks for sharing.


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