Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happiness is my two little boys

And their names are Vito and Iñigo. When I'm sad, all I have to do is invoke their names and happiness wells up in me!
Good morning!
Vito shares his most prized possession with his baby brother.
Vito about to attack the camera!
Vito rocking Iñigo to sleep. He's a good big brother.
Iñigo making googly-eyes at his Papa.
Good night!
I knew I'm a lucky girl but with my sons, I am beyond blessed. Life is amazing. Thank You, dear God. Thank You!


  1. such beautiful boys! you're blessed indeed :)

  2. Can't wait to see them run around together. Bestfriends silang dalwa, for sure... :)

  3. Vito is so cute and I love Iñigo's bright eyes.. You are so blessed Frances..

  4. awww..I love Vito's smile in the second picture. Sarap panggigilan ng mga cheeks! Can't wait to have my own babies. You're indeed blessed to have them.

  5. both boys are soooo handsome.... and for sure they will grow up the best of friends... :D enjoy them while they are young... :))

  6. Our kids is indeed the greatest gift from God. :)

  7. Precious photos!

  8. Replies
    1. They're so adorable! Makes me wish I had a boy. =)

  9. Theyre so adorable, you're a lucky mom!


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