Friday, August 24, 2012

Vito's 2nd Birthday Party! Part 1: The birthday day

Boy, what a week last week was! My dearest firstborn turned 2 years old on August 13, Monday, but his party was going to be on Friday the 17th. So Vince said we should have a weeklong celebration, and, boy oh boy, was it a celebration!

This post will be all about Monday, Vito's birthday.

We just had a teensy weensy party. Just Vito, Papa Vince and Mama F. Oh, and Yaya Juliet, of course! The night before, we decorated the house with pennants and a birthday banner.
I Tweeted this the night before his birthday. Mega Cars party for our Vito!
Vince happily put up the pennants. These made the house look so festive!

When Vito woke up at 5am, oh how he danced and jumped when he saw the house festooned with his favorite Cars!

Then we brought out our little chocolate truffle cake from Mary Grace Cafe. Vito's expression was priceless. He looked extremely pleased and surprised! He loves loves loves the birthday song!

He was so thrilled that he was able to blow out the candle that we did it again!

Funny silly boy! He was soooo happy. Then Papa Vince took out the first gift (yep, first gift. We gave Vito a gift for five straight days!). A drum! This is a really cute drum. And I love how big the drumsticks are. Except that Vito and I use them as pretend microphones and interview each other haha.

And that's the first part! Haha I just noticed that Vito wasn't dressed for the occasion. This was really just a small private party. It's a good thing mixing prints is a trend!

Next post: The party preps!


  1. Happy birthday, Vito! He's soo gwapo!

  2. happy bday vito!

    this post makes me realize more that we don't need to have big or grand celebrations for our child's bday. making them feel special even in simple celebrations. seeing vito's excitement for his day is really heart warming. thank you for sharing this.

  3. Belated happy birthday, Vito! Looked like he made a wish before he blew out his candle :D

  4. Happy birthday Vito!!! Look at those pics and his face... hahaha! aliw siya... wishing him good health... :D

  5. Thanks everybody! Yes, his face just lit up when he saw his cake and we sang him the birthday song. We love making him happy!


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