Friday, August 24, 2012

Vito's 2nd birthday party! Part 3: The birthday party!

And here we are! The party for Vito's 2nd birthday! It's so chaotic! So let me tell you all about that happy crazy day with just photos...
Birthday boy approves the silly highway I made for his party!
And that's all a tired mommy needs to know!
First guest! Pretty little Sjofn with her gift—a big box of Mega Bloks! 
Vito is a generous kid. He shares his beloved toy cars with Sjofn.
Next to arrive are Cathee with her adorable kids, Masha,
Nikolai and wee little Ivan!
This is the very articulate Sophia. Her mommy Earl couldn't go.
This is from Tita Claire and Alfonso. It's a Human Nature grooming set for kids!
Vito's playmates and their pretty mommies! 
As with the first birthday, we ordered our menu (spinach lasagna,
mac and cheese, chicken fingers) from Almost Gourmet.
The guests, big and small, loved the food!
Super cutie Nikolai tries on Vito's Cars Champion cap. Check out his cool Spidey shoes!
Nikolai and Masha try out Vito's car.
Alfonso's turn!
Sophia next! Justin gives her a push.
Sjofn with Mack and Vito with a deflated balloon 
Vito's eyes went very big and his smile went very wide when he saw this huge
McQueen cake from Goldilocks! It's chocolate sponge cake. 
Blow out the candle!
But Vito is mesmerized by the huge toy car on top of his cake.
So this time, Mama had to help with blowing out the candle. 
This is a huge cake. After serving everyone and giving platefuls of cake to the guards,
we still have a lot leftover!
Vito makes faces at the mirror, to Tita Paola's amusement.
Frazzled but happy mommy! Super conked-out baby brother.
Family photo! Maybe we should've had this taken before the party haha!

"Whew! Boy, what a big day I've had!" 

Happy birthday, dearest Vito! We're so glad you had fun with the people you love, even if you screamed at each other and grabbed toys from each other and basically spent the afternoon running around like crazy. We love that you enjoyed yourself, we love that you have friends, we love that you're a wonderful, sweet, generous, funny and happy little boy. We wish you joy, peace, good health, protection, and an abundant life!


  1. Happy, happy birthday to your little boy Vito! Looks like you had a blast! Love the highway centerpiece, good job Mama Frances! Godbless you Vito and the whole family! :)

  2. Aaawww... I could say that THAT is one HAPPY BORTHDAY. Simple yet super saya and for sure Vito will remember. Kudos to you super mommy.

  3. Happy happy 2nd bday Vito! I love your checkered top, where did Mommy get that?

  4. Vito's so guapo! Can he tag along to the office some time?:D

  5. Thanks everybody!!! It was sooo much fun! We felt sad when the party was over =)

  6. I really find your Vito handsome. I never get tired of staring at his face. :) Dreamt about you last night. We were doing a radio tour daw! Hehe.

  7. Frances! Vito is so gwapo! Belated happy birthday to your eldest baby. God bless your family! :)


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