Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What preggy mommies can do this weekend!

Belly Blessed was supposed to be a fun activity for pregnant mommies last July 21 at Bonifacio High Street. But the weather was crazy that weekend. In fact, it's still crazy. So Belly Blessed was moved to this weekend at Fun Ranch and then it will be lotsa fun, rain or shine!

So if you're an expectant mom (and dad!), go! There's a ton of activities and products and information that you'll find fun and fascinating. Have a great weekend!

The Mommy Mundo Clearance Clearout Sale sale will run from August 3-5 starting at 10am in Fun Ranch. Sale offers up to 75% OFF on fave mom, baby and children lifestyle brands. Participating brands are Philips Avent, Goody, Mommy Matters, Googoo & Gaga, Momtrepreneur Shop, Nursing Mom, Little Red Shoe, Tip Tap shoes, Numa, St. Patrick, Tiny Tots, Bug & Kelly and Indigo Baby.

Just in case it rains again, we moved the Belly Blessed Fest in the Rainbow Room alongside the Clearance Clear Out Sale. 

You can find details on the sale by checking out the following link: 

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