Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Iñigo's first modeling gig!

My bunso baby is a mowdel! That makes both boys mowdels now! For the same magazine. Thanks, Smart Parenting!

Actually, they wanted to get Vito for their Halloween costume feature. Here he is with another model, cutie Reese.

In my previous kwento about Vito's modeling stint, I talked about how it's not easy at all on kids. There's a lot of waiting involved. So, mommies, be prepared to entertain your kids!

Our model was not cooperative at all. Vito hated his leopard costume. Maybe because he was indignant about the package label, which said it was a tiger costume haha. A tiger has stripes, a leopard has spots!  Kidding aside, Vito was very unhappy. Poor toddler.

What calmed him down was a slice of cheese pizza.

Here's the Smart Parenting team eating pizza, too. Like I told you, photo shoots involve a lot of standing around, waiting and eating. I have no idea how fashion models stay skinny!

Anyway, Vito decided that no way would he be in a leopard costume and pose in front of a camera. He was not in the mood, no siree. That's when this little guy came in!

As we were apologizing and preparing to go home, Maika of Smart Parenting said, "Wait! I think we have a baby dragon costume!" And they did. And my Iñigo, born in the year of the Dragon, looked adorable in it!

He was just 3 months old here. The costume was for babies 6-12 months old. Ya, I have a big baby. It's a good thing he can hold up his head, too. That's art director Jen fixing the costume's tail.

After a few click-clicks and change of poses, Iñigo was done! Here's his proud momma!

Can you tell how thrilled I am? Iñigo's first modeling stint comes out in the October issue of Smart Parenting, available next week. Grab a copy!


You can look, sweetheart, but you can't touch!

What I usually look like (yes, an outfit post!)

Over at Topaz Horizon, I've started Fashion Fridays because readers have requested I do outfit posts. So I obliged. As a mommy, I'm usually in something comfortable so that I can move, I can easily breastfeed my baby. But as a woman, I don't want to look too comfortable, if you catch my drift. So I try to look good but it is hard. So very hard! But I think my efforts pay off quite well, as seen here:

What my Topaz Horizon readers don't see is how I end up looking after a long day. And—here's the scoop!—my Topaz Mommy readers get to see the truth! I have my outfits shot before I leave the house (therefore the background will always be that hallway haha) but by the time I get back home, I end up looking like this:

What a mess! But a happy mess. Maybe a slightly fashionable happy mess, too.

Gosh, what a cute little boy! I'm so in love with him!

Outfit details: (On me) And Apparel maxi dress, Charles & Keith leather sandals, Longchamp clutch. (On Vito) shirt from the editor-in-chief of OK! Thailand, plaid shorts from Ninang Lizelle, Sun Salt Water sandals from Auntie Anj

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Prayer of protection

This post is brought to you by Johnson's Baby.

Johnson's Baby sent me their new TVC and it made me tear up a bit. It's all so true. I only have one wish—that my boys be safe from harm all their life.

This reminds me of the many concerns I have throughout the day, mostly about my sons' safety. People ask me, "Where do you want them to go to school? Has Vito learned the alphabet? Do you feed him organic food?" and stuff like that. To be utterly honest, I don't even think about stuff like that. All we're concerned about is safety. Are the windows locked? Are the security gates locked? Are the bathroom doors closed? Is someone watching the boys at all times? Is there a sick child in the playground and if yes, keep the boys away from that kid! Vince gets really angry whenever I leave scissors around (I always forget to put them away). That's just how parenting is: constant vigilance!

All day long, we watch over the boys. You know Marlin, Nemo's neurotic dad? Well, we're not like that haha. That's hovering too much. As Dory said, "You can't never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him."

As parents, we know we have to stand back, stand aside, let them go, let them fall, let them pick themselves up. And yet the cruel irony there is, as parents, we don't ever want to stand back, stand aside, let them go, let them fall, let them pick themselves up. But that we must do.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mommy bloggers support Anmum's quest for healthy pregnancies

Oh wow, I totally forgot to tell you about this lovely lunch we had at L'Incontro Ristorante. Absolutely wonderful meal made even better by the company invited (mommy bloggers!) and by the reason we got together: good nutrition during pregnancy!

Anmum held this lunch in the last week of July so Iñigo was just about to turn 3 months old and I—as you can see—was still pudgy. It was an intimate gathering of mommy bloggers like Dainty Mom, My Mom-Friday, Manila Mommy and more. And we were all there to help Anmum spread the message of caring for one's pregnant body.

All the moms invited testified that we (yep, me included) had Anmum milk during our pregnancies. Some of us, like Dainty Mom and I, were given the milk because we needed to gain weight. Ya, skinny girl problems, ya know!

In my case, I was just 105 lbs when I got pregnant with Vito. Then during the first trimester, with all the throwing up involved, I lost even more weight. My OBG back then, Dr. Florante Gonzaga, was concerned. He was also not happy with the fact that I wasn't living a healthy lifestyle prior to conception. So he prescribed prenatal vitamins and Anmum, too, for extra measure.

Dr. Gonzaga did tell me that supplements wouldn't have been necessary of we all just ate a healthy, balanced meal. That means just a bit of protein, just a bit of complex carbohydrates, and a lot of vitamins and minerals. He told me, "In Japan, there are no supplements prescribed to pregnant women. It is considered an insult to their food culture, which is very healthy."

Someone talk me out of this

I want another baby.

I think I want to have 4 kids minimum.

My friends with more than 2 kids say everything changes after 2 kids. Your marriage changes. Ack. I don't want my marriage to change. I like us now. Even though we're tired. Exhausted. Even though sex is so seldom now, it's a surprise when it happens. But we still have time to flirt, to have mini dates, to enjoy our kinda rushed meals, to have long hushed talks with the kids sandwiched in between us.

Now a third child... That will change a lot of things. I'm sure I don't want that. And yet another baby to love and enjoy! I do want that.

Vince says we'll discuss it when we become mega-rich. Right now, we have enough for two little boys to have a fantastic life. We're financially okay enough that we don't have to slave away all day. We're so lucky to spend the time we do on our boys.

Now a third child... That will change a lot of things. We'll have to work harder. Maybe take on many jobs. We won't be around as often. We'll miss the kids and the kids will miss us. So what's the point of having more kids if it means working so hard we won't see them?

Okay. I talked myself out of it. Sometimes I just need to hear myself think.

Sigh. I already miss my could've-been third, fourth, maybe even fifth child.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Vito is Papa's boy

I wrote about how Vito just adores his Papa. Click the link. You'll see that even at 10 months old, Vito absolutely idolizes his father. This comes as a surprise to us because all the studies and research and etc etc say that for the first two years of a kid's life, he's attached to his mother. Well, Vito prefers his father!

So those photos were proof that Vito showed his parental preference before a year old. Lo and behold, I found another photo that showed my firstborn loving his Papa even at almost 5 months old!

Back off, Mama!

Don't worry. This doesn't make me sad or jealous at all. The first few times, I felt a bit weird that my son would rather be with his father. But I quickly got over that when I realized that meant I can brush my teeth/take a bath/nap/read/go out!

Iñigo (3 months old here) goes with me everywhere! 
Now let's see if Iñigo's the same as his brother. He's already 4 months old and he still likes me best. I am thrilled with that, of course. At the same time, I wish he'll want to spend more time with Vince, too!

How about you? Do your kids have parental preferences?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Four months of Iñigo!

Oh the joy that is you, darling baby boy!

Papa, Mama and Kuya Vito (plus thousands of Topaz Mommy readers worldwide!) love you oh so very much.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First on the travel-with-the-kids list

Heaven help us. Vito is going to go insane here!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet Izobel, my new diaper bag

Actually, it's technically not a diaper bag. It's a nylon tote from Cuzo, this Proudly Pinoy brand I discovered recently.

Over at Topaz Horizon, I was talking about how I needed a new waterproof bag because my fabric and leather bags get wet in this weather (I walk to and from the office). I didn't really want to buy a Longchamp (I think it's overpriced for a nylon bag) and I liked the bags I saw on Cuzo's online shop. I was thinking of getting another Jess Coat—really fab bag!—but I decided finally that I wanted a bag that can stand up.

Yep. A bag that stands up. More later. You see, I bring Iñigo to work. He breastfeeds and he refuses to take his milk from anything other than my boob. So I take him with me everywhere! That means I need a bag for my special needs:
  1. Must be heavy-duty, able to take on dirty diapers, wet wipes, be thrown about, can be stuffed full.
  2. Must look office-worthy. I actually already have a Lassig diaper bag but it kinda ruins my magazine editor look.
  3. Must be easy access. My Lassig diaper bag is Velcro-sealed. Whenever I open it, it makes this loud ripping noise that's horrible when I'm at a quiet office or at a meeting. 
  4. Must be able to stand up on its own. Think about this: I'm already supporting a baby; a bag that needs help is not what I want!
I'm happy to say that the Izobel Nylon Bag meets all my requirements.

I love its size. Roomy but not big and bulky-looking.
I love the real croc-stamped leather handles and trim. Sosyal! Plus, I love the white wax cord detail.
So stark against that black!
I love the houndstooth pattern of the lining. So classic!
It fits the Lassig changing pad, 4 Huggies diapers (folded inside pad), Mothercare blanket,
Next 9 nursing cover, wet tissues. There's plenty space left for Vito's milk tetra packs,
snacks, toys and a change of clothes for both boys!

It's weather-proof and easy to clean. It's black so it goes with anything I wear and it looks respectable enough to bring to work and meetings. It's super easy access and it stands up on its own when it has stuff inside but folds flat for easy storage. It's sturdy and durable. I love it!

Remember that it's not a diaper bag. You can use it for shopping or as a document bag. There are more bags—nylon totes, leather satchels, canvas carry-alls—at Cuzo's website. I'm seriously addicted! Shop shop shop!

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