Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet Izobel, my new diaper bag

Actually, it's technically not a diaper bag. It's a nylon tote from Cuzo, this Proudly Pinoy brand I discovered recently.

Over at Topaz Horizon, I was talking about how I needed a new waterproof bag because my fabric and leather bags get wet in this weather (I walk to and from the office). I didn't really want to buy a Longchamp (I think it's overpriced for a nylon bag) and I liked the bags I saw on Cuzo's online shop. I was thinking of getting another Jess Coat—really fab bag!—but I decided finally that I wanted a bag that can stand up.

Yep. A bag that stands up. More later. You see, I bring Iñigo to work. He breastfeeds and he refuses to take his milk from anything other than my boob. So I take him with me everywhere! That means I need a bag for my special needs:
  1. Must be heavy-duty, able to take on dirty diapers, wet wipes, be thrown about, can be stuffed full.
  2. Must look office-worthy. I actually already have a Lassig diaper bag but it kinda ruins my magazine editor look.
  3. Must be easy access. My Lassig diaper bag is Velcro-sealed. Whenever I open it, it makes this loud ripping noise that's horrible when I'm at a quiet office or at a meeting. 
  4. Must be able to stand up on its own. Think about this: I'm already supporting a baby; a bag that needs help is not what I want!
I'm happy to say that the Izobel Nylon Bag meets all my requirements.

I love its size. Roomy but not big and bulky-looking.
I love the real croc-stamped leather handles and trim. Sosyal! Plus, I love the white wax cord detail.
So stark against that black!
I love the houndstooth pattern of the lining. So classic!
It fits the Lassig changing pad, 4 Huggies diapers (folded inside pad), Mothercare blanket,
Next 9 nursing cover, wet tissues. There's plenty space left for Vito's milk tetra packs,
snacks, toys and a change of clothes for both boys!

It's weather-proof and easy to clean. It's black so it goes with anything I wear and it looks respectable enough to bring to work and meetings. It's super easy access and it stands up on its own when it has stuff inside but folds flat for easy storage. It's sturdy and durable. I love it!

Remember that it's not a diaper bag. You can use it for shopping or as a document bag. There are more bags—nylon totes, leather satchels, canvas carry-alls—at Cuzo's website. I'm seriously addicted! Shop shop shop!

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  1. I love Cuzo bags too! :) I now have the Mica Tote and it's a perfect diaper bag too!


    1. I was choosing between the Mica and the Izobel! Still thinking about the Mica. Blog about it!!! =)

  2. Wow!!! I want that kind too. Though my youngest is in kindergarten, every time we go out I still bring a lot of stuff for her. Will visit their website. Thanks for sharing this...

  3. I love this bag! I want one too. :D

  4. Oh gosh I agree with you on hating bags that don't stand up/can hold itself while you're busy juggling the baby in your arms and trying to cover up with the nursing cover. I'll save up for an Izobel because our diaper bag right now, though spacious, it's not 'tall' so it gets so fat coz I have to stuff so many things (same amount of items you carry) in! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Diba??? Buti sana kung laging may yaya. Minsan nga kahit andyan si yaya, pati sya nahihirapan magbukas, magdala, maghanap ng stuff!


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