Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mommy bloggers support Anmum's quest for healthy pregnancies

Oh wow, I totally forgot to tell you about this lovely lunch we had at L'Incontro Ristorante. Absolutely wonderful meal made even better by the company invited (mommy bloggers!) and by the reason we got together: good nutrition during pregnancy!

Anmum held this lunch in the last week of July so Iñigo was just about to turn 3 months old and I—as you can see—was still pudgy. It was an intimate gathering of mommy bloggers like Dainty Mom, My Mom-Friday, Manila Mommy and more. And we were all there to help Anmum spread the message of caring for one's pregnant body.

All the moms invited testified that we (yep, me included) had Anmum milk during our pregnancies. Some of us, like Dainty Mom and I, were given the milk because we needed to gain weight. Ya, skinny girl problems, ya know!

In my case, I was just 105 lbs when I got pregnant with Vito. Then during the first trimester, with all the throwing up involved, I lost even more weight. My OBG back then, Dr. Florante Gonzaga, was concerned. He was also not happy with the fact that I wasn't living a healthy lifestyle prior to conception. So he prescribed prenatal vitamins and Anmum, too, for extra measure.

Dr. Gonzaga did tell me that supplements wouldn't have been necessary of we all just ate a healthy, balanced meal. That means just a bit of protein, just a bit of complex carbohydrates, and a lot of vitamins and minerals. He told me, "In Japan, there are no supplements prescribed to pregnant women. It is considered an insult to their food culture, which is very healthy."

Well, sadly, we're not Japan! Given our busy lifestyles and our penchant to skip meals, eat fatty, salty and sugary food, and basically live like there's no tomorrow, supplements, especially prenatal vitamins and fortified milk, are now a normal part of the pregnant Pinay life.

Here are all the mommy bloggers all in a row. I'd like to thank Anmum for thinking that Topaz Mommy is part of the influential mommy bloggers group.
If you'd like to be part of the Anmum Mommy Circle, join the Facebook page!

I am happy to be part of Anmum's campaign to urge women to be healthy. Anmum isn't just calling out to preggy women, by the way, but to women who are trying to conceive, too. For starters, we need Folate to help with the development of our baby's brain and spine, DHA and Gangliosides to support our baby's mental and visual development, Calcium and Vitamin D so that our baby has strong bones, and Iron because we're creating lotsa new blood for our child. All that and more in Anmum. It's not just for baby's health Anmum was concerned about; they also added Vitamin B6 which can combat nausea (I had that bad both pregnancies!) and fiber because preggy moms tend to be constipated haha.

I'm glad that despite my unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle before becoming pregnant with Vito, he came out perfectly wonderful. I was more vigilant with my health when we started trying for this little guy.
And just like his big brother, Iñigo is perfect. I credit it to great genetic material and healthy living while I was pregnant with them both. I hope you take care of yourself, too, whether you're trying-to-be-a-mommy or a mommy-to-be!

*Always consult your OBG before taking any vitamins and fortified milk while pregnant.


  1. Hi Frances! Indeed, drinking milk with folate has been recommended to me as early as a woman decides to get pregnant.

    When we thought that my son might have encephalocele (skull did not close thus a portion of brain is protruding out), the pedia-neuro blamed it on lack of folate, as I had terrible, terrible morning sickness. She said I should have started drinking folate supplement prior to my pregnancy.

  2. Hi mommy frances. We have the same ob. I have a question and i hope you can help me. Im due to give birth soon also at medical city. Can you give me a rough total estimate re cost of giving birth there including all the docs fee? I'd appreciate it very much. Thank u. - Ren

    1. Dr. Gonzaga was my former OB. Read the text again, I said, "My OB back then" =)

      I gave birth at St. Luke's Global. I was very very unhappy with Medical City so I switched hospitals.

  3. Hi Frances! I hope you could help me. I wanted kasi to help pregnant women in our barangay, by the way I am also a mommy blogger and I leave in a shanty. I really wanted to help out our barangay. Can anmum sponsor it? Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    1. I'm not from Anmum and I was just asked to join their campaign in 2012 via Mommy Mundo. Please ask Mommy Mundo. Good luck!


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