Sunday, September 23, 2012

Prayer of protection

This post is brought to you by Johnson's Baby.

Johnson's Baby sent me their new TVC and it made me tear up a bit. It's all so true. I only have one wish—that my boys be safe from harm all their life.

This reminds me of the many concerns I have throughout the day, mostly about my sons' safety. People ask me, "Where do you want them to go to school? Has Vito learned the alphabet? Do you feed him organic food?" and stuff like that. To be utterly honest, I don't even think about stuff like that. All we're concerned about is safety. Are the windows locked? Are the security gates locked? Are the bathroom doors closed? Is someone watching the boys at all times? Is there a sick child in the playground and if yes, keep the boys away from that kid! Vince gets really angry whenever I leave scissors around (I always forget to put them away). That's just how parenting is: constant vigilance!

All day long, we watch over the boys. You know Marlin, Nemo's neurotic dad? Well, we're not like that haha. That's hovering too much. As Dory said, "You can't never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him."

As parents, we know we have to stand back, stand aside, let them go, let them fall, let them pick themselves up. And yet the cruel irony there is, as parents, we don't ever want to stand back, stand aside, let them go, let them fall, let them pick themselves up. But that we must do.

I have a simple prayer that I intone nearly every day. Well, there's my prayer of thanks. Then there's my prayer of protection.
Dear Father in heaven, I know You love my children more than I ever could. And so I know You will grant this prayer. Please keep Vito and Iñigo safe from harm. Protect them from accidents. Protect them from themselves, from others who may harm them, even from us if we should be impatient and angry. Keep their bodies strong so that no sickness will afflict them. Cover them in the blood of Your Son, Jesus, so that they will be invisible to evil. Let Your angels watch over them. And may they always feel Your presence and goodness so that even when Vince and I are not around, they will feel safe and hidden away. Amen.
Parenting is a difficult job only because of the constant vigilance. We're always haunted by the fear that the one time we look away, the one second we step out of the room, the one time we take that exhausted nap or go out with the hubby or our friends, that's the time something bad will happen. Obviously, we can't live like this or else we'd all die from the stress. So we have to give up control to Someone who is all sovereign and all powerful. Because while it is true that iba mag-alaga ang ina, wala pa ring tatalo sa alaga ng Ama. God bless us mommies!

Finding Nemo photo from Disney Pixar. Video courtesy of  Johnson's Baby. Like their Facebook page for more videos and goodies for your babies.


  1. Aaawww... Like this. I have 2 pre-teens already, and everyday I say a little prayer for them especially. Once in a while I look at their baby pics., time really flies so fast. That is why with my youngest, I really treasure every moment. Kudos to us mommies...

  2. Thank you for sharing your prayer of protection. I super like it. I, too, can get so praning thinking about my 2 children, especially that they are in the toddler stage. Oh well, I think whatever stage or age they are, I will always be concerned about their well being. Thanks again :)

  3. That is so true. Perhaps I have not been praying as much. You know just last week, September 17, my baby Emilie's two fingers were almost crushed by the hinge of the door unintentionally closed by her yaya. Apparently, she did not see that Emilie was holding on to the door hinge. Good thing that the little fingers were not broken and, according to the pedia, were healing nicely. This is the yaya who I caught lying to me when I first hired her less than a month ago. Alas, after the incident, she has been more careful and more loving toward her ward. And yes, when I heard about it, I went home straightaway, fighting back tears in the MRT. But God is good. And I agree with you, God is more powerful and in control of every situation so we should just trust in Him.

  4. Thanks for sharing this prayer. I know that what I could do to protect my children has limits, it is Jesus who could really keep them safe and well.

  5. My daughters are now teenagers, so the more I am scared for their safety, especially the one who's living in LB. Thanks for sharing the prayer. Letting Him take over my worries is the only way to go.


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