Tuesday, October 9, 2012

At Iñigo's baptism reception

The only photo we have at the church!
This is going to be a strange post on my baby's baptism because I don't have any photos of the ceremony itself. We forgot to give our cameras to our family for photos. Oh well. So I'll bombard you with photos of the party instead!

We had Iñigo's party at Mom & Tina's Pasig. Initially, we had wanted it at Café 1771, same place where we had Vito's baptism reception, but the café was booked and I had to look somewhere else. Now I'm really picky about places. There has to be parking (because I hate going to places and then there's no parking!), the place has to look great in photos (because in the end, photos are your tangible memories of the day), and of course the food has to be fantastic.

I asked my Twitter followers what their suggestions are and I scratched off all those that didn't meet the criteria above. Then my magazine's beauty editor, Elaine, suggested Mom & Tina's. Vince and I went to do an ocular and a taste test (a.k.a. lunch with the kids) and Mom & Tina's passed with flying colors!

This is what Mom & Tina's is famous for:
That's a chocolate cake, a carrot cake and a caramel cake. All are divine. I'm salivating while I type this. I think I'll hop on over to Mom & Tina's for breakfast and cake soon!

We wanted a menu that both kids and grownups will enjoy. So we had mac and cheese, fried chicken and fries, soup, salad, barbecued pork ribs and Java rice. So delicious! We ordered food for 50 people. Well, 46 guests arrived and yet we had so much food leftover that almost all the guests took home a bag of food!

This is Lola Digna and Lolo Mon, Vince's parents. And that's super cutie Iñigo! He's really into sucking his fingers now.

There's Vito and his Sales cousins (from left) Kevin, Joe and, hidden by Vito, Zo. Save for one girl, all the Sales kids are boys. I like that. Vito will have lots of older boys to look out for him. He particularly gets along well with the eldest boy, Joe.

This is the Amper family. From left: Iñigo, Vince, Migs, Yvonne, Vito, me, Theodore, Jacqui and, sitting down, Papa. We're missing a few members. I just want to state how absolutely cute my husband is! Oh, Iñigo's wearing the exact same outfit Vito wore on his own baptism. But since Iñigo's fatter, we had a bit of a struggle putting these on haha.

These are my friends! And, pretty soon, my business partners!!! From left: Pat and Kat, Kabbie and Mitor, Bern and Nikki, and Nicole. Oh, and there's a frazzled me! I gotta say I have really good-looking friends. I like to surround myself with beautiful people!

Vince's friends are out of town or out of the country. We missed them so!

These are our beautiful neighbors! From left: Earl and Judah with their Sophia, Vince and me with Vito and Iñigo, Cathee and Andrei with their baby Ivan breastfeeding under her nursing cover, and Paola and her Sjofn.

This is Vito's posse of 2-year-olds. From left: Vito, Sophia, Alfonso and Sjofn. They are eating candy. They are so cute and sweet!

This is the Power of a Praying Wife prayer group with our kids and hubbies! Boy, those men are lucky! Proverbs 18:22 says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord." Not only are the women in that photo smart and gorgeous, we also gave birth to their amazing children and are storming the gates of heaven for blessings on our men!

Sweet Sophia and Sjofn. Both decked out in flowers. Sophia is 3 weeks older than Vito and Vito is 2 weeks older than Sjofn. Sigh! If we could only have a little girl of our own, too!

These are the most delicious cupcakes I've ever had in my entire life! My sister-in-law Lizelle and her daughter Elizabeth baked them especially for Iñigo's baptism. These are rich, moist, heavy chocolate cupcakes topped with fluffy buttercream frosting. Perfection in a box!

Vince and I decided we'll give these away as Christmas gifts. If you want to order, tell me! Lizelle's cupcakes are not just fantastic, they're also still affordable. I keep telling her to raise her prices!

Oh! This is our candy bar from Kendi Cart. And that's Vito, its first customer haha. The candy bar was a huge hit! We got it from a CashCashPinoy deal. We've never heard of Kendi Cart but I figured I'd get the cheapest package just for fun. Boy, did we have fun! The cheapest package was a cute table covered in your theme color with pretty jars filled with enough candy for 50 people. Well, the kids kept getting candy and every guest got a bag of candy and there was still lots of candy left over! Kendi Cart gave us all the candy. It's now a week and half since the party and we're still swimming in candy!

The party was a success! We know this because no one wanted to leave. We had to shoo them away since we only rented the place for 3 hours haha. Everyone was stuffed full of good food, good conversation and lotsa love. That's the kind of party Vince and I wanted and we got exactly what we wanted!


  1. Hi Frances!
    Where can I order the yummy cupcakes? :)
    Thank you!!!
    - Krystle

  2. We had a wonderful time at Inigo's baptism! I should send you the pics that Zo took in the church. I have a pic where Liz was carrying a thumb sucking Inigo and Zo and Kevin were copying him!

  3. iñigo's legs in the amper family photo - nakakagigil! yet another lovely party, frances! such an inspiration :)

  4. Frances, Mom & Tina's is such a great place! I love dining there together with Hubby and friends, the place is very homey and cozy, perfect for that kind of celebration too. I usually go at their Makati branch kasi malapit sa work.

    Oh and I love your candy buffet! I'm drooling here just by looking at the photos. Welcome to the Christian world little iñigo! May you grow in love and with God.

  5. Oh my gosh, I haven't eaten at Mom & Tina's! I really should try from the looks of the food you ordered! :D

  6. Hello Frances,

    I enjoyed reading your stories about your sons' baptisms (both Vito's and Inigo's). Can you suggest a similar place (or close to your criteria) in QC area. I'm trying to scout a venue for my daughter's baptism reception. Thank you! I appreciate your help! :)

    - Ish Ranche

    1. Hi Ish! I'm not familiar with the QC area! But there's a Mom & Tina's in Scout area. I just don't know if they have parking. Good luck in your search! =)

    2. Hi Frances! I'm sorry to get back to you just now.. I just want to thank you for suggesting Mom & Tina's in QC. We searched for it in Scout area, and we were thrilled to learn that it is so near to the church we have chosen. It's the Hearts of Jesus & Mary Parish in Philam Homes, and Mom & Tina's is in Sgt. Esguerra, just few kms away. So perfect for us! They were able to accommodate us on our date too. I'm so glad I asked you. Thanks for your help! :)

    3. I'm so glad it worked out for you! Their ribs are AMAZING! The cakes are to die for!

  7. Hi Frances,

    I am planning my son's baptism reception and stumbled at your blog. Can you please share how much was your total expense for the reception? We plan to have 50-60 guests.


    1. We spent about P36,000. Soooo cheap! Lalo na since ang dami-daming food grabe!

      They have cheaper packages, too. Pinili namin yung mid-level cost. Enjoy!

  8. Hi Frances! :) The Kendi Kart link you posted kept bringing me to my Facebook homepage. I want an intimate reception for my baby girl's baptism din, but I sort of want a 'gimmick' for the kids. Available a kaya yung Kendi Kart? the idea is perfect.


    1. I checked the link. It's supposed to direct you to the Facebook page of Kendi Kart but it went din to my homepage. Baka their business didn't flourish so they took down their page. Wala rin silang website. I Googled it but nothing came up.

    2. :( Huhu. Exactly what I thought. Sayang, it would've been good to take the kids' pictures lining up for the sweets. Hindi na kasi masyadong bongga, unlike yung sa mga clowns, etc. Intimate lang.


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