Friday, October 19, 2012

ATTN: Breastfeeding moms--I have an Anmum Lacta giveaway!


As a busy mommy of two little boys, I have a hard time eating healthy food. I actually have a hard time eating, period. Iñigo seems to have this strange sixth sense—whenever I sit down to eat, he wakes up and cries! What is up with that?!

I really should eat healthy food so that I won't get so tired easily. Moms need good fuel to survive the day! What makes it more important in my case is I'm exclusively breastfeeding Iñigo. Yes! He's already 5 months old and we're still going strong! He's getting greedier, though. I really have to be a healthier eater! This is something I'm feeling really guilty about.

So imagine my surprise when Anmum sent me two boxes of Anmum Lacta. I Googled how Iñigo and I can benefit from drinking it:

Anmum Lacta is the only milk specially formulated for breastfeeding mums, Anmum Lacta boosts your daily intake of Gangliosides - which promote your child’s brain cell connections.

It also contains Sialic Acid and Essential Fatty Acids, both building blocks for your child’s brain. With reduced fat and lactose, Anmum Lacta is low on calories, but high on taste.

Well, I started drinking my 2 daily glasses of Anmum Lacta. I like the "reduced fat and lactose" part since I can get healthy and give good milk to my baby without getting fat and suffering a bad tummy! 

Now here's better news! Are you a breastfeeding mama? Then join my Anmum Lacta giveaway!

Here's how:
1. Like Anmum Mommy Circle on Facebook.
2. Go to my Facebook page, Topaz Horizon.
3. Type this on my wall: "I'm a proud breastfeeding mama, a reader of Topaz Mommy and a member of Anmum Mommy Circle!" Make sure to tag (@Anmum Mommy Circle)!

That's it! I'll pick 3 mommies who will win 2 boxes each of Anmum Lacta. Contest ends 5 days from now. Join me on my quest to be a healthy breastfeeding mommy!

UPDATE: The winners are Gynne Leang-Lim, Gerilen Elinessete and Michelle Chua Parcia!

UPDATE AGAIN, JAN. 22, 2015:
I don't know where Anmum Lacta is sold. Some readers said drugstores like Mercury Drug. 

If you can't find Anmum Lacta, try lactation goodies like Mommy Treats or lactation pills like Motherlove More Milk from Hatch & Latch. You can also just eat manok with malunggay! I ate so much malunggay, I never had problems with my milk supply. Plus, malunggay is soooo healthy!


  1. DONE! Yey! I wish I win these! Just gave birth and would really like to try this new milk! =)

  2. I just love breastfeeding my son, if I win, this will definitely help boost my supply. God bless and don't worry Ma'am Frances, even if your blog consists of sponsored posts like this, what is important, your readers are still informed. I, for one did not know that Anmum has a milk specially made for breastfeeding moms like me(thank you for sharing the info). I still love reading your posts about your kids and family. I learn a lot from them.

  3. Where can i buy anmum lacta?is it available in drugstore,what particular drugstore it is available in the Philippines?

    1. I actually don't know! Anmum just sent me the products, I never bought any. I'm sure drugstores have them or wherever Anmum is sold.

  4. almost all drugstores,supermarket selling anmum lacta..i always buy in mercury drugstore..

  5. hi. what specific branch of mercury?? i cant find it here in makati. thanks!!

    1. Sorry I don't know. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I never bought any.

      To be very honest, you don't need to drink Anmum Lacta. Try the lactation goodies of Mommy Treats (please Google for link) or just take malunggay capsules. Those work just fine. Maybe even better!