Monday, October 1, 2012

Buy a work of art from UNICEF's Auction for Action!

UPDATE: The auction raised P2.85 million. Wow! So amazing! So many children will be helped!

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the UNICEF team at the press lunch for its second annual Auction for Action. October is National Children's Month (I didn't know that!) and UNICEF decided to celebrate children by raising funds to help in their protection, education and care. As a mommy, how can I not be part of this wonderful activity?

So I'm glad Daphne Oseña Paez invited me for a sneak peek at the items up for auction. Daphne curated the 70-plus pieces in this year's fundraiser. I was giddy to go because:
a) I wanted to see the UNICEF headquarters. I wanted to work in UNICEF when I was a kid!
b) I was excited to check out the art up for auction this year since I salivated over the art sold last year
c) I was ready and willing to spread the word about this worthy cause to my fellow mommies!

Here are the media (TV, print and blogs) gathered at the UNICEF offices. I used to work in PR and this is a good turnout.

As with last year's auction, Filipino artists contributed to the cause—their painting, jewelry, sculpture will be sold on eBay and all the proceeds will help fund the programs of UNICEF. UNICEF's Tomoo Hozumi says, "Buy a beautiful item and help children at the same time. UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary donations. The funds raised will go towards education, health and nutrition, protection and emergency programs for children who are... most in need."

The theme for this year is PLAY. Yes, playing! When I was a kid, the adults were always saying, "Don't go out. Don't play in the mud. Don't dance in the rain. Don't play with those kids. Don't make up things. Don't climb trees. Don't don't don't!" Well, had I known back then that kids have the right to play (yes, it's a human right!), maybe I'd have been a happier kid!

I think it's lovely that UNICEF chose play as its theme. Daphne says that the importance of playing "to a child's well-being and healthy development cannot be over-emphasized." That's true. I seriously believe that a lot of today's problems with kids—bullying, boredom, obesity, violence, selfishness—can be solved by a huge dose of running around under the sun.

My Vito is 2 years old. Everyone warns us about the terrible twos. True, he has his tantrums, but he throws them maybe twice a month. Yes. No lying. And when he does have a fit, the cure for it is me saying loudly, "Let's go out and play!" Vito is also a happy kid, eats a ton of food but isn't fat, shares his toys, is very social, and has a healthy interest in the world and learning about it. All because he plays outside, plays with other kids, and plays with his parents.

Daphne adds that play "lends itself well as a theme for our premiere artists to work with." True, the items up for auction are so fun! Here are just some of the beautiful items you can own:

Otap Bañez
Carlos "Cee" Cadid
Hamzah Marbella

Michael Cacnio
Daniel Dela Cruz
Ramon Orlina

Kenneth Cobonpue
Heima Store
Danny Rayos del Sol

Nicole Whisenhunt
Paul Syjuco

Heima Store
Kawayan Tech

Amazing amazing pieces. I'd love to own a few of them. These are my personal picks:

Michael Cacnio's "Fly Up." It's my husband who actually likes Cacnio. He's been following Cacnio's work but, alas, we can't afford a Cacnio...yet! One day, one day.

This is Ramon Orlina's "Closeness." I want it simply because it looks like a huge chunk of topaz. I am seriously in love with it.

This is Daphne's chair. I've always wanted one! But in the new colors—they're brighter and bolder. I want one as a slipper chair, you know, what a woman sits on when she puts on and takes off her shoes. So I want one for my walk-in closet, which as of now, doesn't exist. One day, one day!

UNICEF Auction for Action is live on eBay now (Oct 1). If you don't have an eBay account, it's simple and free to register. And it's so easy to bid, watch your bids and—if you win—pay for the items you won. 

Ready to bid and help raise funds for kids who need your help? Go to now! Bidding starts todays and ends on Oct. 7, Sunday!

For an FAQ on the auction, go to

P.S. This isn't part of the auction. I just saw it at the UNICEF office and was drawn to it. As you can see, it's a sculpture of a mother nursing her child.  I love the curves and planes, the softness and hardness. Most of all, I love it because I'm a breastfeeding mommy.

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  1. That's a great cause, Frances. I'm also a fan of Michael Cacnio (although I kept saying Michael Cancio to people). I'm glad they raised the amount they did -- good job, UNICEF!


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