Thursday, October 25, 2012

Caring for my babies' bums

This post is brought to you by Johnson's Baby.

Iñigo is turning 6 months old in 3 weeks. That means he'll start eating solid food. Hooray! I am super excited. I've already planned what he's going to eat—rice gruel, mashed up potatoes, carrots, squash, sayote, bananas, mangoes!

Just like what his Kuya Vito ate, Iñigo's first food will be homemade and cooked by myself. I like to peel, steam and mash up the food myself. This way I can be sure that there will be no preservatives, no salt, no sugar added to my babies' food. Just pure goodness!

However, no matter how pure and unadulterated the food I give my kids is, I noticed that as soon as Vito started eating solids, he got diaper rash. I guess the new food changed his pee and poop so that his sensitive baby skin reacted to the new stuff in his waste. I battled with diaper rash for months! Every time I introduced a new food to Vito's diet, his butt and singit and sometimes even his pototoy would get a rash!

So now that it's Iñigo's turn, I'm ready to face diaper rash! This was how I combated Vito's diaper rash:
  1. I used cloth diapers. This forced me to change Vito's diapers often. Many times, parents and caregivers just let the baby stew in his diaper because disposable diapers now are so good that babies don't feel icky when they're wet or when they pooped. Cloth diapers rule!
  2. I searched for a disposable diaper that Vito's skin didn't react to. You see, his rash could also be an allergy to the diaper! I bought a lot of different diapers and when I finally found the disposable diaper that Vito was hiyang to, we stuck to that!
  3. I used zinc oxide for his bum. We have a lot of tubes of zinc oxide actually. You really can't make tipid with this cream. You have to coat all surfaces!

Johnson's Baby sent me a complete primer on how to get rid of diaper rash. It's very interesting, mommies! They got a dermatologist, Ma. Victoria Dizon, MD, FPDS, to give us tips:
  • Change diapers often
  • Cleanse skin thoroughly to remove contaminants. However, water and soap are too harsh and don't restore the skin's pH balance.
  • Use infant wipes soaked with an emulsion-type watery/oily lotion. Do not use ordinary wipes with alcohol or mineral oil.
  • Zinc oxide heals skin.
  • Baby powder removes excess moisture on the skin. It acts as a dry lubricant for areas that rub against each other, like the singit. Plus it's cooling, soothing and drying.

So cleanse with the right baby wipes, protect skin with baby powder, heal with zinc oxide. Sounds simple enough!

How cute naman ni baby Bacchus! Dear Johnson's Baby, I think you'll agree that baby Iñigo will make a great Johnson's Baby baby, too!

By the way, Johnson's Baby's Complete Care Powder already has zinc oxide plus magnesium steareate, which repels moisture. I use Johnson's Baby Cornstarch, though, since my family has a history of asthma. Even though Johnson's Baby assures us mommies that talc does not harm the lungs at all, I still prefer cornstarch. That's what my parents and grandparents used on me! If it's good enough for me, it's good enough for my babies.

To learn more about preventing and treating diaper rash, check out Johnson's Baby Complete Care System. You can also go to their Facebook page for more tips and promos.

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  1. Hooray for home-made baby food! I did the same thing with Jacob though he started to eat solids late, around 7 months.

    We're all very lucky that he never had diaper rash in his life from wearing disposable diapers. Though there was the one time when we traveled from US-Manila that he had redness in between his butt cheeks, possibly from using really really bad soap (from the bathroom coz we didn't have baby soap with us! --- bad Mom!) but that was the closest thing we got to diaper rash.

    I make sure that we always wash him before changing into a new diaper. My Mom and sisters said we were torturing him when he was still little by actually dipping his bum in a basin of water even though it was in the middle of the night!


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