Friday, October 26, 2012

Cutie new Stache onesies for Iñigo!

Stache Baby is sending a cute onesie to our big baby boy and I can't choose what to get! Mommies, help!

I like this because Vito already has a tux shirt! He and Iñigo will look so cute!
So adorable! But it's very easy to be calm with Iñigo since he's very gentle.
Cool and cute! I think I like this in black font.

Really LOLed at this!

Yes. The Sales brothers are in town! 

Chrystel of Stache describes their onesies and bibs as "for the mums and dads in pursuit for cool baby clothes that effectively defines your lil’ ones character. Our products are designed to give your child style, taste and a sense of humor in a somewhat bland baby world."

Ya, baby clothes are so blah. Stache has mustache designs (of course, hence the name!), superhero, and Gangnam styles. There's stuff for baby girls, too, but I'm not interested haha. Chrystel says, "Our collections have a chic, whimsical and witty feel while taking into consideration the parent’s sense of style with a baby or toddlers desire for fun. You'll love the baby and toddler apparel and accessories that we carry and we hope that they tickle your soul."

Another great thing about Stache is you can customize your onesies and shirts! You can choose the color, size of the design and its position on the clothing! Plus, you can also design special onesies for your newborn (name, birthdate, photo!) and shirts for your toddlers for their birthdays. 

You can find Stache via their Facebook page, at Lazada and soon at Mothering Earthlings. Have fun shopping!


  1. First thing's first, where can I get that cute Cars hat?! Jacob doesn't have a costume yet and he only knows Lightning McQueen so far!

    Anyhoo, the "Keep Calm and Carry Me" will look so adorable on Iñigo!

  2. frances, those big round eyes remind me if puss in boots! he is so cute!

  3. I go for the keep calm and carry me onesies!

    Maqui is right Inigo has big round eyes like puss in boots! He's so adorable!


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