Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is how we take our Vitamin C!

Well, because Smart C+ sent my family this amazing press kit, Vince, Vito and I now take our daily dose of Vitamin C in such a fun way!

It would be pretty hard to forget with this!
A different flavor every day!

I love the press kit! It's so cleverly and lovingly made! But what I love even more is how Smart C+ tastes great. I like it best poured over ice. My favorite is Pomelo Grapefruit. The others are Orange Crush and Lemon Squeeze. Vince likes Pomelo Grapefruit, too. And so does Vito!

Silly little boy. That's my glass of juice but as soon as he saw it, he climbed up on the table and claimed it! That's how much he likes Smart C+ Pomelo Grapefruit! A full bottle is packed with 500mg of Vitamin C. That's a yummy way to keep infections away!

Smart C+ is available at all supermarkets. grocery shops and convenience stores. Grab a bottle of sunshine today!


  1. hi there,

    i love smart C too. funny lang because i just tweeted about it, too. i drink smart C everyday and i double the dose when someone isn't feeling well at home. i also blogged about it before here

    more power to smart C! :)and to mommy topaz! love your new blog design. so chic!


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