Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vito and Iñigo's names in felt

Isn't this sooo cute?

These adorable names are made of stuffed felt cloth. They are hand sewn and we love them. We hung them (with ladybug push pins) on the kids' bedroom door and they're just so happy to look at. Plus, Vito points out the letters of his name so we also use them as teaching material. I'm so happy I found these on eBay!

Background: I was looking for felt cloth online because I wanted to buy cloth to make flags and banners for my kids. I was thinking of doing a little DIY project for future parties and birthdays and I love felt because the colors remain vibrant for years. So if I have pennants like this in the photo below, I can use them over and over for every special occasion!

Anyway, as I was browsing online, I found Ria, a seller on eBay who makes names made out of felt. I thought it was the cutest thing and immediately bought her services for my sons' names. I forgot to buy an ampersand (&), though, but Ria kindly added the & at no cost. Good thing because, as Vince said, "It'll look like we had 4 kids instead of 2!" Hahaha!

Ria is also a mommy like me. She already has a little girl and with another baby girl on the way! She said she taught herself to sew because "I wanted to have nice [clothes] that fit well without needing to pay for custom work labor," Ria told me. "I also make curtains, sofa covers, bed sheets, lunch bags, etc. But for now, these are mostly for family or for our home."

One time, while Ria was shopping, she saw felt letters and had a eureka moment. "I saw these letters but I felt the limited colors and price and additional charge for every add-on was impractical. I thought it was easy to do, so I bought some samples and studied how they were made." And then she started selling on eBay and that's how I found Ria!

Ria said, "Sewing is a hobby that hopefully, after I give birth, I can concentrate on to make into a small full-time business already." I love entrepreneurial mommies! I plan to be one myself soon!

You can order your kids' names from Ria, too (email her at Each letter is just P45. That's why I ordered my sons' complete names! These will make great gifts this Christmas, too. So affordable and so happy and so cute!


  1. Thanks for sharing these very cute finds Frances! I've been looking for something like these too to put in my daughter's study area. Ganda and yes reasonably priced pa :D

  2. Thanks for sharing, Frances! Syempre I emailed Ria kagad kanina even if I wasn't done reading your post. :P

  3. Ooh lovely! Please share her eBay username so we can browse through her online shop. ;)

  4. This is beautiful! Great way to decorate a room.Plues, dba babies love colors? :)


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