Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm a super mom!

Belle delos Reyes, a super mom herself, just welcomed me into the club!

On her lovely blog Cruisin' Mommyhood, Belle got me to open up about my typical day—a feat considering I usually don't talk about my schedule until after it's done! She also asked me about juggling home and career, a skill I am still mastering. I don't even know if I'll ever master it! And she got me to talk about a lot of other things, like a very big life change I've kept secret for a few months now but that Belle was able to coax out of me!

Dear Belle, thank you for thinking I'm a super mom. I am puffed up with pride! At the same time, I am humbled because I read other moms' blogs and I get insecure because I'm not as good as they are. Like Dainty Mom, for example. She cooks healthy and delicious food for her husband and son all the time. She has a lovely and organized home. She runs a writing and editing business. She has great relationships with her family and friends. Whenever she Tweets or posts photos of the gourmet meals she cooked, like that salmon dish I can't forget, I whine to my husband, "Martine is perfect! I want to be like her!"

Hopefully, with my new life, I'll be able to get my act together. Like, even I will be able to take a step back, look at myself in the mirror and say, "You're a super mom!" Most importantly, I hope that one day my kids will think, "My mama's super. She rocks!"

Wondering what new life I'm talking about? Just go to Cruisin' Mommyhood and read for yourself!


  1. Natawa ako kasi I say the same thing to Don about you and Martine! Hahaha! All moms are Super Moms. God blessed our children with parents like us because He knows we can very well take care of them the way He wants us to. We are not perfect but we strive to be a better person everyday so we can be "super" for our kids.

  2. It seems Martine is a "peg" for many of us mom bloggers, hahaha! :) I don't cook anymore, not since our old yaya/helper came back earlier this year. And most days, I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing as a mom! :) Haha! But Belle is right, all moms are super moms in one way or another. What matters most is that we keep our priorities in check, and I think you're doing a great job at that! :D

    Congrats on being a "super mom"! :)

  3. Hoy! Stop it, guys! I'm NOT that!
    Frances: Ikaw yata ang idol ko, ha! Ikaw ang peg ko, if you didn't know that! Ang galing mo as a blogger, as a mom, and I wish I could write like you. Sigh. Buti nalang we became friends so now we can help each other! Haha.
    You know, I haven't even fixed up our house to my liking kase I'm so kuripot and I procrastinate about fixing things up. It's neat and tidy, but that's it: I have so many Pinterest pegs, pero hanggang dun lang! I've BRIBED my son recently using donuts so he'll eat the healthy food I make (What?! YES! Hahahaha.) And sometimes I'm so busy, I feel like dropping all the work I'm doing and just veg.

    Pero we're all SUPER MOMS to our kid.
    Sabi ni Vito sakin (pointing to a comic book of Wonderwoman): "Mommy this is you."
    I wish, Vito! :) But that's how he sees me, and so even if kulang-kulang ako as a mom and wife, I'm enough — super — to my kid. Huhuhuhuhu.



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