Monday, November 26, 2012

Vito and Iñigo were brand ambassadors of ELC Greenbelt 5!

So proud so proud so proud!

Last month, Early Learning Centre—only the coolest toy shop in the city!—asked my kids to be brand ambassadors of the new Greenbelt 5 store. Wow! Buti pa mga anak ko nakaka-endorse na ng mga brands! Mama must keep up haha.

Anyway, you might remember that I talked about ELC early this year. I was still pregnant with Iñigo then when Vince, Vito and I visited their first shop in Bonifacio High Street. We fell in love with the shop and all the toys so we were thrilled when ELC called us up and asked if our boys can be brand ambassadors of the Greenbelt 5 shop.

Here we are at the baby and toddler section. Everything is so sturdy, well made, colorful and interactive. I seriously couldn't decide what to get for Iñigo!

Aww. Iñigo was just 5 months and 9 days here. He's soooo round! Hmm. Now that I'm looking at this picture, maybe I should get that toy behind us! When Vito was almost a year old, he embarked on a gadget obsession. Remote controls, phones. He'd chew on them and carry them around while walking. Maybe it's a good idea to get Iñigo toy gadgets!

Iñigo stared at these for a looooooong time. But since there are small parts, not yet, kiddo!

Can you tell Mama's excited with everything? Iñigo was just sleepy. Midday is his sleepy time. We dropped by at around 11am.

Meanwhile, someone was wide awake and just as excited as his mama! Vito, as expected, zeroed in on the cars section of the toy shop.

Nice trousers, right? Those are corduroy slim pants we got at Mothercare. The waist is adjustable. So clever and cool! Vince is envious. He's looking for a pair for himself. Mothercare, please make pants like those for mommies and daddies!

Speaking of mommies and daddies, here are the fellow parents (and their happy kids!) who checked out ELC.

Kea Laudico is a Cinderella fan, just like me! Kea's the daughter of celebrity chef Rolando Laudico. She's also an ELC brand ambassador.

Teacher Jeannie of Kindermusik, brand ambassador uses ELC musical toys for her classes. Maybe I should enrol Vito in Kindermusik, now that I know they use ELC toys to learn music and rhythm!

Here's the ELC team. It must be fun to work in a toy store! To the very right is my friend Mariel. She must be giving birth anytime now. Safe and easy delivery to you and your new baby, Mariel!

The store opening was a huge success! There was lots of balloons for kiddies, a cotton candy station, tons of popcorn and a photo booth, too. Plus, celebrity sightings! The gorgeous Rissa Mananquil Trillo was there with her hubby, son and new baby girl.

Here we are done with shopping! Iñigo was carried by Yaya M and she went out of the store ahead of us when we were stopped by the event photographer. Wala lang. Just in case you were wondering where the baby was. 

Anyway, to our surprise, despite Vito's obsession with cars, he chose a rescue helicopter to bring home (I can't find the photo so I'll just make it habol). We got this for the baby: 

Iñigo enjoys it very much! Lotsa textures, super soft and gentle to baby skin and gums, very well made! Really one of the best places to get fun and educational toys. We'll be back at ELC. Christmas is just a month away!

For more photos of the store opening, click here. ELC Toy Store is in Greenbelt 5, near Greenbelt 1 side. The first store is at Bonifacio High Street, under Active Fun.

UPDATE: We were in the news!


  1. hi Ms. Frances! congrats to you and Sir Vince..and of course your i bet you're just so proud of them two;) btw we were at the dentist clinic today and while hubby was at the hot seat--lol! i busied myself reading the magazines and lo and behold i came across Sir Vince's article.."Girl, Interrupted!"...awww it was such a heartfelt piece...and while I know you feel blessed enough with having Vito & Inigo in your lives right'll never know.. you could still have the Princess in the Amper-Sales family;)Cheers!!!!

    1. Awww. We do want a little girl, too, but if we get another boy, okay rin lang! I love sons. I think they're less complicated haha. I look at little girls now in their mini heels and sequined mini dresses and I feel faint. LOL

    2. Oh yes, I see plenty of kids nowadays dressed up like that and I find it sad! Girls trying to look and act like adults. Shades of Toddlers & Tiaras...ughh:(!!!

      Just want to say congrats, Ms. Frances on a new career path..God bless you in all your endeavors and your loved ones of course:) !!!


  2. I just have to say that Iñigo has the most beautiful eyes. His eyes are like puss in boots'!

    1. Thanks! Yes, we get lost in his eyes, too =)


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