Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vito went nuts over Go Nuts Donuts

Dear Go Nuts Donuts,

Since my children have now added "brand ambassador" to their resumé, I present to you my toddler Vito for your consideration:
Vito shouted, "Wooooah!" when we opened the box.
"Wha dat, Mama?" as he poked holes into the icing.
Then he was distracted by the cookies I laid out. He said, "Ooooh. Wha dat?!"
I love Go Nuts Donuts' strawberry glazed doughnuts but when I bit into the cookie, I found a new love. 
Vito prefers the cookies, too! They're really good!
Buy a box for your boss or neighbors.
Give a cookie each for your officemates or the neighbors' kids. 
Or just bring home some for your own little Christmas coffee party!

What a fun and yummy gift idea, right? I gave chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting to my (now former) officemates, though. My sister-in-law Lizelle bakes the best cupcakes in the world. Truth! I'll talk about her cupcakes later so you can order from her. But if you need gift treats in a jiffy, pass by Go Nuts Donuts!

*These photos are not sponsored or owned by Go Nuts Donuts. But thanks for the free goodies! 


  1. Uy pareho tayo, I looove their strawberry glazed donuts :)

  2. I love Vito's face in the first picture! :)

    Wait, now former officemates? They left, or you did?

    1. Aha! You don't read OK! magazine, I see =D The December issue is the last one. I was offered a lovely position within the company but I decided to spend more time with my kids and my blogs and my writing instead. =)

  3. I just read your blog post over at Topaz Horizon. Hee hee, you caught me. To be honest, I read once in a while. I used to be such an avid magazine reader, but it's one of the things I had to cut on when I had to re-prioritize my spending plan. I'm definitely getting the December issue!

    But I'm also looking forward to what you have in store for your blogs. You've hinted at big plans, and I can't wait to see them unfold. :)

    Oh, will this mean more posts on Vito and Iñigo? Yes, I'm a fan. ;)

    1. No worries. People don't buy magazines anymore =)

      Well, they're big plans for me (more writing!) but I think for other people, I actually simplified my life by turning my back on the glitz and glamour of magazines. Not a lot understand why I did what I did. Someone actually said, "But you were somebody. Now you're a nobody again." LOL

    2. As a work-at-home mom, I kind of understand what you did. I remember making kwento to my parents that I know someone who lives practically a building away from where she works, so she can go home now and then to check on her kids. It's kind of like a modified WAHM setup. But now, you really get to be with them!

      But wow, now you're a nobody just because what, you don't work for a glitzy magazine or because you don't have an official job title? Talk about letting your work define you!

  4. Hooray! Thank you, Frances, for featuring Go Nuts on your blog! We're glad your little Vito loved them as much as you did :)



    1. Thanks for the goodies! I wish there was a Go Nuts Donuts near my house. Sobrang love ko yung cookies!

  5. Oh my! What a precious first picture. I can almost hear Vito say "Woooah!" :)


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