Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Christmas family photo by Blow-Up Babies

Early Christmas gift! Blow-Up Babies gifted my family with a photo shoot, big prints and 10 Christmas cards to give to family and friends! Thanks, Blow-Up Babies!

I was really happy about this because we never have a complete family photo—Vince is always the one taking our pictures. So here was our chance! Hooray! Except that, wow, it is very hard to have a photo shoot with little kids! Let the pictures tell the story...

Vito played with the plethora of accessories and props.
Iñigo got excited by all the colors and lights!
But when it came time to face the camera, Vito didn't want his photo taken!
Here he is pointing at the door. 
Now it's Iñigo who's restless!
And there we all go!

It's a miracle we even got some good shots! Lessons learned:
1. Arrive early so kids have time to settle in and get to know the place. 
2. Let your kids meet and befriend the photographer first so he/she isn't a stranger.
3. Book a time slot when the kids aren't tired or hungry. We went late afternoon. Oops.

And here are our photos! These are big, 8R size I think. I'm not familiar with the terms. Basta as big as a bond paper! 
The Christmas photo cards are 4R size.

Come have your own Christmas photo cards made! Blow-Up Babies will take your photos, Photoshop your flaws away (haha), print out the best pictures and make your photo cards all in 4 days! You still have time, mommies! Book a session now! This is their website. This is their Facebook page. Have fun!


  1. Hahaha! Ang cute nung photo na may caption "And there we all go!" :))) This just made my day! haha! Thank you! :D

  2. I love Blow up Babies! The pictures turned out great Frances! :) I love the background too!

  3. Boy-oh-boy, we love blow up babies too! Our first family photo shoot was taken at Blow Up!

  4. Thanks thanks everyone! It was such a silly funny crazy shoot!


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